Active Living


Sociable and low-impact, cycling is a fun and convenient way to reach your physical activity targets. Swapping the car for a bike is a cheaper and greener way to get about and keep active.


Cycle to work, cycle with friends, cycle with the kids, cycle to the shops, cycle for charity, cycle to beat a personal challenge...  The opportunities are limitless and there's enough information and advice online to keep you pedaling for as long or as far as you want!

Check out Hampshire County Council's cycling pages, for cycling essentials, including an online route finder, maps and leaflets for guidance and inspiration for getting out and about and exploring on two wheels.

Cycling Calculator
Check out how much you can save by swapping the car for a bike.

British Cycling
The National Governing Body for cycling

The UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation has information on safety, local routes, activities, events, cycle training and more!

Community groups encouraging cycling as part of daily life and working to improve conditions for cyclists.


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