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Running is the perfect way to get active without having to spend a fortune on kit and equipment. Its accessible and ultra-convenient - run by yourself at a time and pace to suit you, or join a group or club for a more social and structured approach.


Joining a group or club means you should be able to find runners with similar experience, expectations and motivations, regardless of whether you are just getting started, whether you’ve been running by yourself for a while and want some company, or whether you’re looking for an additional challenge and perhaps competition.

There’s no need for any technical kit, just a pair of running shoes.


Run England is an England Athletics community based running project. It gives everyone an opportunity to get active and begin running for fun and fitness.

Delivering community running groups across the whole of England, Run In England members enjoy getting fit whilst having fun and making new friends in a safe, friendly environment. Running is made accessible and available for everyone - men, women, mixed groups and families of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

Run In England sessions take place at times of the day and venues to suit everyone. For information on joining a group, or training to lead groups yourself, visit the Run England website.

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Fun and helpful running tools

Using this selection of running tools could help keep you motivated and make your running even more rewarding.