Active Living


Increasing the amount we walk each day is the easiest and cheapest way to increase activity levels. A walk can boost your energy levels – which is great news for playing with kids or staying alert and productive in the office.

Family walking

Why not walk to meet up with friends, or take a stroll to the local shops for the bread and milk. Get out and about at lunch - a daily 30 minute walking lunch break means you will be hitting ideal physical activity targets – without taking up any more of your home time.

Swapping the car for your legs just once or twice a week can make a significant difference to your health - helping to reduce blood pressure and contributing to the prevention of Type 2 diabetes amongst other benefits. Plus, it’s greener and doesn’t cost a penny, so whilst you're losing pounds in weight, you'll be saving pounds in cash!

Hampshire is blessed with many walking routes for all levels of ability and experience, through town and country. A great starting point is Hampshire County Council's host of online walking resources.

Health walks with trained walk leaders are an ideal way to get started in walking. For additional guidance and suggestions on walking, check out Britain’s walking Charity, the Ramblers and the Walk for Health websites.


Use this Walk Finder to find a health walk near you, courtesy of Walking For Health. Just click on a walk for full details, including contact information. For led walks just call beforehand to check times and venue. For more walks check out Walk For Life.

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Make walking fun!

Why not join our Pedometer Challenge - by yourself, or with friends or colleagues and see if you can build extra walking into your usual routine.