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Adult Services departmental procedures

Date published/updated list of procedures

Adult Services Health and Safety procedures have been withdrawn, pending a Corporate review of departmental policies. If you have any queries, please contact Adult Services





  • 08/12 Contributions - Paying for non-residential care - this procedure is in the process of being updated

  • 06/12 Social Care Practice Manual: Governance and Maintenance - this procedure is in the process of being updated







  • Premises management - alcohol and entertainment licences
    This procedure advises Unit Managers of the requirements which must be met when proposing to sell alcohol or provide public entertainment on Adult Services premises.

  • Use of Adult Services premises by other organisations
    The objective of this procedure is to set out the basis on which the department’s premises may be used by other organisations and to ensure that all health and safety and other statutory and financial regulations are observed. This procedure applies to all Adult Services residential and day care units. Additional conditions may apply in leased premises.

  • Furniture and equipment - acquisition, repair and maintenance
    The objective of this procedure is to set out the County Council’s and Social Services Departments requirements for the purchase, repair and maintenance of furniture and equipment. This procedure applies to all operational units and office bases. This procedure does not apply to voice / data or other information technology equipment. See Procedure 28/03.

  • Unplanned referral protocols for short stay services (adult learning disability)
    To ensure that all staff involved in making or receiving unplanned admissions to in-house short stay services (Adult Learning Disabilities) are clear of the process both prior to and during the admission.


  • Premises - closure
    The objective of this procedure is to define the respective roles and responsibilities of staff in the Social Services and other Departments relating to the closure of establishments. This procedure does not cover issues relating to residents or staff, nor does it cover offices which are the responsibility of Property Services.