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Adult Services Procedure 06/09

The Medication Management Policy has been reviewed and some minor revisions made.

The key changes are:

  • A full revision of Section 5. Medication consent and capacity to reflect requirements of Mental Capacity Act 2005.
  • More specific focus to reflect the care managers role in commissioning services from both the ‘in- house’ and external provider markets
  • Improved clarity about the role of health partners
  • Clear differentiation between role of the care manager and the provider manager in relation to the respective assessment processes.

The 06/09 departmental procedure consists of both the Medication Management Policy document and the Medication Practice Guidelines for relevant services.

Medication Management Policy

The objective of this policy and its associated procedures is to set out the Department’s requirements in relation to the storage, recording, administration and disposal of medication to adults and older people in residential, nursing, community and day care.

  • download a copy of 6/09 Medication Management Policy
  • download the procedure title page
This revised policy rescinds the 2000 policy and amends the 2008 paper version of policy.

Managers are required to destroy all existing paper copies of the 2008 medication management policy to avoid confusion.

The Medication Practice Guidelines

Whilst these guidelines each require some revision (in progress) to fully reflect the main policy document changes they detail the safe operating procedures managers and staff must apply in each service area.

Every practice guide has a front cover directing staff to refer to the key areas of the revised medication management policy relevant to their service.

Managers must ensure that staff are aware of this requirement and for ensuring that all documents printed include this 'caution' page.

Practice guidelines for the following services

Service areas

Last updated

Older Persons Nursing Care Microsoft Word 269kb

Older Persons Residential Care Microsoft Word 274kb

Older Persons Day Care Microsoft Word 202kb

Community Response Microsoft Word 172kb

Learning Disability Respite Care Microsoft Word 247kb

Learning Disability Day Care Microsoft Word 184kb

Physical Disability Respite Care Microsoft Word 230kb

Physical Disability Day Care

Care Management Microsoft Word 159kb