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Adult Services Procedure 02/13

Safeguarding Adults Multi-agency Policy

The following document has been developed by the four local safeguarding adults boards (4LSAB) covering Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to meet the requirements of No Secrets (2000), Department of Health and to support current good practice in adult safeguarding.

The document is divided into three sections:

  • Section 1: The Multi-agency Policy provides a framework for all partners that gives priority to adult safeguarding and supports the use of procedures and good practice guidance to help in keeping adults safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

  • Section 2: The Multi-agency Procedures aim to clarify and support the roles and responsibilities of staff and managers in all agencies who have a responsibility to support an adult and assess and investigate concerns of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

  • Section 3: The Multi-agency Guidance provides information and strategies on good practice in adult safeguarding.

The whole document will inform all those who have a role to play in adult safeguarding and each section can be used either as part of the whole document or independently.


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What am I entitled to?

The local authority is here to help everyone understand their needs and, if required, provide an assessment.

For more information about what help you are entitled to, please see the Who can get help from Adult Services web pages.

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