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Draft Hampshire Autism Strategy for Adults

The Hampshire Autism Strategy for Adults is the first of a two part ‘across the lifespan’ autism strategy. The second part, the Hampshire Autism Strategy for Children, is expected in 2013.

This consultation has now closed

You may like to read the Hampshire’s response to the National Autism Strategy


A sincere thank you to everyone who attended one of the consultation events and/or gave their feedback on the draft strategy. There were over 100 responses, this is a really high response for a consultation of this kind. There are many valuable comments made, which will help to strengthen the final strategy.

Next steps

The feedback will be analysed, and the strategy finalised for a launch in the autumn. A summary report of the feedback from the consultation, and details of the launch of the finalised Hampshire Autism Strategy for Adults will be published here.

Background to the consultation

Hampshire Autism Partnership Board was set up in 2010 in response to the Autism Act 2009. The Hampshire Autism Partnership Board (HAPB) has developed this strategy through consultation with people with autism, parents and carers, staff who work with people with autism within voluntary, independent and public sector organisations. The strategy also responds to the central government guidance and legislation and to other priorities that have been agreed locally.

The national strategy Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives “represents a shared approach towards a common goal; a society that not only accepts and understands autism, but also provides real opportunities for adults with autism to live fulfilling and rewarding lives”.

Main aims

This Autism Strategy for Adults focuses on laying the foundations for the changes needed in local services by:

  • Supporting the availability and consistency of an adult autism diagnosis service with post diagnosis support
  • Working with commissioners and providers of mainstream health and social care services to make their services more accessible for people with autism
  • Working with housing partners so that people with autism are better supported to access housing options and live independently
  • Working with education partners to help people with autism to access adult education and training
  • Working in partnership with employment organisations to help adults with autism to gain and keep employment
  • Maximising opportunities to help people with autism to be socially included and safe
  • Promoting recognition of the whole family and the needs of carers of people with autism
  • Raising awareness of autism, particularly across public services
  • Tailoring services to the needs of individuals

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