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How will we undertake the consultation?

The Council will consult with service users with learning disabilities and their carers who access the County Council’s services as they could be directly affected by any changes. Although proposals do not include reductions in existing levels of services it is noted that the potential for change may cause anxiety for  the carers and service users currently accessing the Council’s  services.

The Council plan to consult and communicate widely with service users and carers accessing planned respite, crisis and long stay services as well as day services. Forty consultation clinics will be held around the County Service user and carers will receive details of these clinics through individual correspondence. We will also provide web based and written information to ensure that individuals understand how changes may affect them so that they can comment fully upon the proposals.

People with learning disabilities will be offered information in accessible formats and individual  face to face support will be available. This is required to ensure that people have had the best chance to understand information and respond to the consultation.

If you know someone who requires this support then please

People living in Hampshire County Council long stay residential accommodation will be offered an individual face to face meeting to discuss proposed changes during the consultation period and all individual circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Given the scale of Hampshire’s County Council’s own learning disability provision, proposed changes to these services would affect opportunities for all people with learning disabilities who receive services now and in the future. We will therefore be consulting with people with learning disabilities and their family carers who receive services purchased from the voluntary and private sector as well as children with learning disabilities who are in transition to adult services and their carers on the general direction of future services.

Voluntary and private sector as well as other stakeholders will also be consulted through a separate series of events.

The consultation period for these proposals will run from 8th December 2010 until the 16th March 2011. The deadline for consultation responses will be the 16th March 2011

All responses will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Consultations are an opportunity for peoples’ opinions and preferences to be heard. Consultations are one element in the decision making process. All factors will be taken into account to determine the outcome of the consultation. The consultation results will be published on the following web address