Market Development

Market Development background

'Getting Personal: a fair deal for better care and support’, the report launched by Hampshire’s Commission of Inquiry, makes a number of national recommendations about what is required for personalisation to succeed, including a number of recommendations for Market Development (page 13). Some of those more relevant to the local market include:

  • That the local authority closely monitors supply within the changing market and mitigates risks as a result of the development of personalised care by stimulating the market where needed to better match demand and supply.

  • That there is greater encouragement for the development and use of voluntary sector and small-scale specialist services.

The programme for Hampshire Market Development is about stimulating the local social care market so that support services are developed which reflect people’s choices. It will include ensuring quality assurance through framework contracts, joining-up services, particularly the third sector, to work together to meet peoples needs, developing sustainable communities through market development and the commissioning of services in certain market segments to shape the market.

Market development

The Market Development initiatives are about supporting current and potential new providers in the market to be ready for the different choices personalisation will enable people to make, supporting them to review the delivery of their existing services, or develop new services in order to meet this need.

This work will develop ways people can get support if they want to commission their own services; as well as working with other interested people and organisations to plan and develop services of the future; reinventing the role of the provider.

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Third sector development

The Third Sector Development initiatives aim to establish a clear, transparent approach to contracting and commissioning from the third sector, with relevant safeguarding arrangements in place.

Social enterprise feasibility work will look at opportunities to stimulate user-led and community organisations involvement in the market.

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Contracting for personalisation

Identify the changes in Hampshire County Council Commissioning and Contracting structure, processes and roles that will be required to support the future market.

This will include developing framework agreements and accreditation schemes to ensure quality in the market and developing a model for Individual Service Funds.

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Extra care housing

Extra Care housing is an updated model of housing solution designed to meet the demographic needs and aspirations of the twenty-first century where people either rent, own or part-own their own apartment within a scheme of similar units.

The full model of Extra Care provides people with progressive privacy from their own apartments, to shared meeting rooms and facilities, to communal space within a scheme which the local community can use. Twenty-four hour care and support is available on-site.

Extra Care schemes promote and support Independent Living and Lifetime Neighbourhoods.

Further information about Hampshire County Council Extra-care Housing schemes.


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