Market Development

Market development and procurement links

You may wish to use the following links to find further information about the background to market development and the changes and impacts this may have on contracting and procuring support for social care users.

Market development

ACEVO - Making it Personal: A Social Market Revolution

The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) report calls for bold reforms to devolve power and responsibility from state to citizen, recommending the creation of a series of social markets.

In-Control - Project 6: External Provider Development

In-Control are a national service user led organisation. This project, led by Clare Roberts, helped create a set of tools to provide the components of an on-going market management strategy and help service providers to convert over to self-directed support and enable new commissioning arrangements to take place.

IPC - Market development and facilitation publications

Oxford Brookes University, Institute of Public Care, have produced a wide range of publications and briefing papers on the changes required in the social care market to facilitate transformation.

Institute of Public Care, Oxford Brookes University - market development publications

IPC is part of Oxford Brookes University. Committed to improving the quality and performance of services across health and social care, this link is to their market development publications page.

SCIE - Personalisation briefing 06 - "Implications for commissioners"

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) report on the changes commissioners need to make, which include a transformation in the commissioning role in terms of the investments commissioners make, the markets they work to shape and the relationships they seek to build to meet local needs.

University of Birmingham - HSMC publications

The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) at the University of Birmingham produces a range of publications on the impact of recent policy changes in commissioning, both health and social care.

Contracting and procurement

Direct Payments

Hampshire County Council - Direct Payments in Hampshire

Hampshire County Council's information on Direct Payments

Department of Health - A guide to getting DIrect Payments from your council

Link to an easy read 48 page guide form the Department of Health about how users of social care can access Direct Payments and what they can do with them.

DirectGov - Direct Payments for care and services

Government website giving background information on Direct Payments from a customer (social care services user) perspective.

Sue's Direct Payments

The website of Susan Lavender who lives in Leicestershire in the UK and uses a direct payment to pay for the care and support she needs.

Think Local Act Personal - Improving Direct Payment delivery (Oct 2011)

The Think Local Act Personal guide to Local Authorities to show how they can make Direct Payment usage easier for Direct Payment users (18 page PDF document)

Framework contracts

Office for Government and Commerce - guide to framework agreements Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 988kb

This is an Office for Government and Commerce (this Department no longer exists but the document is still available) guide to framework agreements.

Cabinet Office - Policy and Standards Framework – Best practice guidance

The Cabinet Office have produced a range of best practice guides designed to help you in your commercial activities, particularly see 'A guide to buying through framework agreements'.

Individual Service Funds (ISF)

CSIP - Individual Service Fund development in Barnsley Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 150kb

A document written by the then Care Standards Improvement Partnership (CSIP) describing the issues around how Barnsley have introduced Individual Service Funds

Helen Sanderson and Associates - Providers and Individual Service Funds

Helen Sanderson Associates pages providing an ISF case study and lessons being learned about developing ISF's.

Inclusion Glasgow health ISF

A case study of how Inclusion Glasgow supported the development of a health ISF from the In-Control website. In-Control are a national service user led organisation.


The Kent Card

Kent County Council also offer a Self-directed Support card, and although their card processes and agreements may differ, this link could be used for background information.

Self Directed Support in Stockport

This January 2010 leaflet (page 9) provides some background information to the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council payment card.