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Accessing social activities in the community

Social activities

Are you looking for:

  • new social activities
  • places to go
  • new friends
What you can do Who can help?
Arrange to:
  • find activities that are available in your area by using the details on this page

Contact OPAL - the volunteers at OPAL will help you to find out about local groups and activities, try a new hobby and make new friends.

The e.VOLve directory provides details of local groups and activities.

Physical activities

Are you interested in:

  • keeping physically active
What you can do Who can help?
Arrange to:
  • take up some gentle exercise
  • join in a guided walk
  • get out into the countryside

Better balance for life web pages can help you continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age.

Find out more about our walking routes in Hampshire.

Read about the variety of led Nordic walks across Hampshire for people who have been trained to Nordic walk and want to continue Nordic walking and socialising together.

Visit Hampshire's Countryside Sites with information about country parks and nature reserves.