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Eating well-living well community nutrition strategy for older people 2011- 2014

This strategy supports the aim of the Ageing Well in Hampshire - Older People’s Well-Being Strategy 2011-2014, "to support older people to live independently and live well for as long as possible”

It takes as its overarching principle that "Good nutrition is not just about food and meals, but about people, warmth and social inclusion.” :The International Longevity Centre –UK (ILC UK) report Personalisation, Nutrition and Community Meals, March 2010

Principles of the Community Nutrition Strategy

  1. Good nutrition for older people is an integral part of the prevention and early intervention work stream of Adult Services.
  2. Recognition of the social and economic value of supporting older people to remain independent in their own homes with a good nutritional status.
  3. Raise awareness of the need for good nutrition amongst older people and those working with older people to prevent decline in their health and well-being.
  4. Provide a variety of opportunities for older people to access a nutritionally balanced diet, both in their own homes and in social settings, and to promote the importance of meal times in reducing social isolation and loneliness.

The strategy identifies 8 priorities to develop with statutory and voluntary sector partners over the next three years to provide more sustainable county wide services and a network of locally based activities that older people can access. The specific timescales are included in the Ageing well in Hampshire Older People’s Well-Being Strategy 2011-2014  action plan, which is updated annually.