Staying at home

Equipment and adaptations

There is a wide range of advice and practical suggestions on equipment and adaptations that can make your life at home easier and safer. You may find that all you need is a piece of specialist equipment, or you may decide that your home needs adapting to to help you cope better.

Equipment and adaptations for the home

From large installations like stairlifts to smaller items like rails or specialised utensils

Sensory loss equipment advice

Speak to our Sensory Professional Advisors Team via Adult Services

Mobility problems and help finding walking aids

Suppliers of wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walking aids


Information on the range of alarms and sensors available


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What am I entitled to?

The local authority is here to help everyone understand their needs and, if required, provide an assessment.

For more information about what help you are entitled to, please see the Who can get help from Adult Services web pages.

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