Staying at home

Find wheelchairs and walking aids

If you are having difficulties walking and require a walking aid or a wheelchair for getting around you may find the information below useful.


  • For permanent or regular use
    available from the NHS wheelchair services, however a referral needs to be made from your GP

  • On short term loan
    available from the British Red Cross usually for a loan period of six weeks. You will need a letter from your GP

Safe travel in your wheelchair

Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters


Walking aids

  • Permanent walking aids
    need to be dealt with by the physiotherapist, and a referral would need to be made by your GP

  • Temporary aids
    can be hired from the British Red Cross



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What am I entitled to?

The local authority is here to help everyone understand their needs and, if required, provide an assessment.

For more information about what help you are entitled to, please see the Who can get help from Adult Services web pages.

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