Telecare - personal alarms and sensors

Telecare uses alarm systems and sensors to help reassure you and your relatives that you are safe in your home

How telecare works

Argenti Telecare
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Personal alarms: are sometimes referred to as community alarms and are worn around your neck or on your wrist at all times when you are in your home. By pressing the button on your alarm an alert will be raised with the 24/7 monitoring centre which will then phone a family member, friend, neighbour, nurse or warden (if you live in sheltered housing) when there's something wrong.

Motion sensors: can automatically switch on a bedside light at night when you get out of bed, making a trip or fall less likely.

Other sensors: the range of sensors available is very wide and if you contact the telecare provider Argenti to discuss the issue you are concerned about, a specialist adviser will explain the different ways in which telecare might be able to help.

Telecare that helps keep you in good health

  • activity monitor
  • fall detector
  • incontinence sensor
  • epilepsy sensor
  • medication reminders and management
  • bed or chair occupancy sensor

Telecare that helps keep you safe in the home

  • carbon monoxide detector
  • fire or smoke alarm
  • flood detector
  • gas shut-off valve
  • temperature extreme detector
  • bogus caller/panic button
  • property exit sensor
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Providers of telecare

Argenti, in partnership with Hampshire County Council, offers telecare for a fee of £18.99 per month plus VAT (you may be eligible for a VAT exemption). This is a bespoke telecare package and includes instant access to 24/7 help and an annual ‘service health check’ in your home from trained assessors.

If you choose to purchase the Argenti service and your circumstances change and you require more support, Argenti can respond quickly.

For more information on this service, please contact Argenti:

Other providers of telecare are available, with different options available in different parts of the county. You can contact:

  • your housing association or your district or borough or city council (usually the housing department)
  • charities such as Age UK
  • the Telecare Services Association which has an online search for local providers
  • Hampshire County Council may fund the provision of telecare equipment following an assessment which shows that you have an eligible need and you meet the criteria for funded telecare. Request an assessment
Information and advice

Living Made Easy provides clear, practical advice on telecare and alarms.