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What is reablement?

Reablement is the term used to describe an ethos and set of principles that influence and underpin the way care and support is delivered to people. Services that are delivered in a reabling way help people learn or relearn the skills necessary for daily living that may have been lost through deterioration in health and / or a change in circumstances. When services are delivered in this way they help improve the independence and quality of life of the person receiving the service and usually support the person to remain living in their own home – with or without ongoing care and support.

Whilst maximising opportunities for independence and well being is central to reablement,   supporting people emotionally to deal confidently with the challenges they may face is of equal importance. Reablement is about ‘doing with and alongside’ not ‘doing to’ a person and it aims to empower and motivate people to become resilient and build their capacity to cope more independently.

Services delivered to reable people last for a maximum of six weeks and take a multi disciplinary approach to meeting a persons needs. This means that they involve people such as Occupational Therapists, specially trained reablement workers and other professionals  where necessary and appropriate. They are designed for access to be short but intensive and productive and they work with a person in a holistic way to achieve their agreed goals and outcomes during this period of time. However some people will require much less input than the maximum six week s because they make such good progress or their needs can be met in a shorter period of time.

Reablement services can help promote faster recovery from illness and support timely discharge from hospital as well as preventing unnecessary admission to hospital or premature admission to residential care.

Hampshire County Council’s Adult Services Department has a range of services that focus purely on reablement which may be offered to someone dependent on their level of need. These are

  • Community Response Team
  • Bed Based Reablement Service
  • Reablement and Assessment of Care Team Service ( known as REACT )
  • Sensory Loss Team and Sensory External Reablement Service

Community Response Team

The Community Response Team, known as CRT, is a team of staff employed directly by Hampshire County Council to reable people in their own homes and primarily on discharge from hospital.

It provides short term assessment and reablement to help people regain their independence and carry on living at home for as long as possible. It supports adults over the age of 18 with physical disabilities, mental health needs and older persons through the delivery of bespoke packages of support that is tailored to suit their individual needs.

Bed Based Reablement Service

The Bed Based Reablement Service provides an opportunity for older people to have a short term stay in a nursing home setting following a period in hospital. The term ‘Bed Based’ is used to describe the nursing environment in which the service is delivered.

This service can be used not only to provide reablement but also to provide a period of assessment and review so as to identify a person’s long term needs and determine how these can be best met. This service aims to enable a person to return to their own home at the end of their stay with added confidence having achieved their maximum level of independence. The interventions used to facilitate this will take into account all of the elements that are important to a person’s independence and well being.

These elements are many and varied and include use of assistive technology, equipment and adaptations: the elements that maintain the dignity and self respect of the individual including skills, motivation and confidence to care for oneself and continue to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

However it is recognised that not all individuals will be able to return home and this service will support them to make decisions about their future in a safe and unpressurised environment.

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Reablement and Assessment of Care Team Service ( known as REACT )

The Reablement and Assessment of Care Team service , known as REACT is a community facing service, (this means it will be delivered in the community in a person’s own home and referrals into the Service may come from the community teams or hospital discharge teams). This service offers time-limited support that is designed specifically around an individual’s needs to maximise their long term independence.

The REACT service is delivered using a partnership approach between the County Council's Community Response Team and carefully selected independent care providers. Each organisation has its own individual responsibilities -in brief these include:

the Reablement Assessment and subsequent Reablement Plan being completed and developed by the Councils Community Response Team and the implementation plan and work towards achieving the assessed goals and outcomes within the plan being the responsibility of the independent care provider. Both organisations work together closely to ensure maximum opportunities for success for both the individual and the service.

The REACT service is flexible and responsive and aims to connect people to other services and activities that will help maintain their independence and confidence. If longer term care is required at the end of the reablement period the REACT service makes the necessary referrals and arrangements to ensure there is no gap in provision and that any relearnt skills are maintained.

The REACT service will be the first port of call for most people accessing Adult Services for the first time for care at home services, or for those being discharged from hospital. Likewise, existing users requiring an increase of 3.5 hours or more per week will also have an assessment by REACT to see if they could benefit from a period of reablement before any increase is made to their care package.

This short film shows how the REACT service helps people regain their confidence and independence.

Sensory Reablement Service

The Sensory Reablement Service is a specialist reablement service offering time limited support that is designed specifically around an individual with sensory loss needs to maximise their long term independence. The Sensory Reablement service will be delivered using a joined up approach between the Councils Sensory Teams and the independent sector. This service will be delivered alongside generic reablement provided by REACT where appropriate.

The Sensory Reablement Service focuses on reabling people within their homes so they can achieve their optimum stable level of independence with the lowest appropriate level of interventions and ongoing support and care.

All reablement services listed above are non chargeable for a maximum of six weeks. If an extended period of reablement is required a charge will be made for this element of the service.


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