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Independent Living Fund (ILF) transition

During 2013 the Department of Work and Pensions were working towards the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) from March 2015. However following a decision by the Court of Appeal on Wednesday 6 November, the Department for Work and Pensions had to stop all Independent Living Fund (ILF) closure related activity.

Following a ministerial statement on Thursday 6 March from the Minister for Disabled People (Mike Penning MP), the Department of Work and Pensions have announced that after consideration of the further Equalities Assessment on the impact of closing the Independent Living Fund, the Fund will close with effect from June 2016.

Hampshire County Council have since been advised by the Independent Living Fund that they intend to launch a revised joint review programme with Local Authorities on similar lines to the transfer review programme they delivered up to November. We have not yet been advised of the detail of this programme but we anticipate that it will mean Hampshire County Council working with ILF to complete joint reviews. We are not yet clear of the impact this will have on Hampshire based ILF users or on Hampshire County Council but we will keep ILF users informed through this website and through regular correspondence.

What this will mean for you

We are awaiting the exact details of the revised ILF joint review programme. As soon as we are informed of this we will update this page to let you know what we think the closure of ILF and the ILF joint review programme is likely to mean for ILF users in Hampshire. We will also let you know where you will be able to get support from to help you through the process.


Keeping you updated

We will ensure that all known Hampshire based ILF users are kept informed of what we are doing writing to you when we need to let you know about any changes and by revising the webpages with regular updates of our progress to date.

Letters sent to known ILF users

Updates on what we have done


Hampshire's commitment

Adult Services will:

  • work with every individual ILF user known to them and their families and carers to ensure that their transition from ILF to Hampshire Adult Services is managed as smoothly and effectively as possible
  • develop a ‘ILF Transition Working Group’ and will work with ILF users as experts by experience and organisations that support people with disabilities to co-produce and manage a strategic transition plan for the transition of ILF users to Hampshire Adult Services
  • ensure that all ILF users are kept up to date on the transition as we commit to communicating with you and providing you with quality, relevant and timely information that will support you to make your decisions for the future
  • ensure each ILF user will receive a person centred assessment from Hampshire Adult Services, and will be supported to develop an individual care and support plan by a named social care worker who is knowledgeable of both ILF and person centred approaches. Information on Hampshire Adult Services assessment process and eligibility criteria will be provided to all ILF users
  • support all ILF users through their transition from the ILF, ensuring that following their transition, all ILF users will have the choice of services and the level of control in managing those services they require
  • work with ILF users to ensure the services they choose are both personalised and appropriate to their needs
  • enable access to independent peer support and advocacy for ILF users
  • develop a review and appeals process that will consider any issues an ILF user raises during their transition that cannot be agreed with their named social worker
  • support ILF users in a non-discriminatory and professional manner that acknowledges, respects and responds positively to the needs of diverse individuals and will demonstrate courtesy and respect for individuals, sensitivity to their personal situation and experiences, and takes into account their individual needs in a dignified and confidential manner


ILF Transition Group

Hampshire County Council Adult Services want to work with ILF users to ensure that the transfer of individuals from ILF to Hampshire County Council is as smooth as possible and have set up a strategic working group of ILF users and Adult Services Officers.

The group will meet quarterly and will work on a strategic transition plan and will also work in ensuring that communication to all ILF users is as comprehensive and effective as possible.

View the Terms Of Reference Microsoft Word 40kB for further information on the groups purpose.

2013 Meetings