Residential and nursing care

Understanding Extra Care housing


Extra Care housing offers a secure place to live in a home of your own, but with care and support on hand. We have attempted to answer some of the questions you may have about Extra Care below such as: "What are the differences between Extra Care and other options", "What care needs are catered for?", "If I move into Extra Care, will I own my own home?" and "How much will it cost me to live in Extra Care?"

To be eligible for Hampshire County Council funded Extra Care you must be registered with the Local District Housing Department and have an assessed Care need.

If you require more information about Extra Care or about specific schemes, please see the list of available schemes in your area, which will give you contact details of someone to talk to in order to discuss if Extra Care is the right option for you.

Differences between Extra Care and other options

Sheltered Housing

The main difference is that care and support staff are available 24 hours a day.

There is usually a restaurant, communal lounges and for those who want it, social activities and other facilities like hairdressers. Different types of housing are available for a mix of residents with different support needs which means you should not have to move if your needs change.

Residential / Nursing Care

The emphasis in an Extra Care scheme is independence.

Every resident in the purpose built Extra Care Schemes have their own flat, with their own bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and front door and care is only allocated as needed, based upon individual care plans. This means that people with mobility problems only, should not need to go into residential or nursing care.

Enhanced Sheltered Housing (Enhanced Extra Care)

Enhanced Sheltered Housing (sometimes known as Enhanced Extra Care) is a sheltered housing scheme that has been enhanced up to Extra Care standards, that is to say that care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some Enhanced Sheltered Housing schemes may have some of the additional facilities, such as communal lounges, restaurants etc., however many do not.


Your care needs

What mix of needs do you find in an Extra Care scheme?

In order to maintain a balanced community, you will find a mix of people with low, medium and higher care needs. You will find a range of people who are able to live independently to those who need higher levels of care, and the partners of people who need care.

My care needs are low and I feel like I am managing, but my health is not good and I want to move. Would extra care housing be suitable for me?

Yes. Extra Care schemes have a mix of more independent and able residents together with those who are very frail. Some will be getting a lot of care and support, others will be living independently. The accommodation will be accessible and it should be easy for you to manage.

What happens if my care needs change?

Extra care is designed to allow you to live as independently as possible in a home of your own for as long as possible. That means that as your care needs, or the care needs of your partner, change, the amount of care and support will change with it. The care and support your receive is regularly reviewed with you and small changes can be met by your care team. If you find your care needs have changed significantly, then you will be reassessed by a social worker and the number of hours care and support can be changed to need your requirements.

I need a lot of care, but my partner doesn’t

Applications will be assessed on need, but only one of you need to have an assessed care need. All of the purpose built Extra Care schemes have flats with two bedrooms which are ideally suited for couples who want to stay together but require separate bedrooms.


The care provided at the schemes

Who provides the care?

All carers are part of the on-site teams provided by the Extra Care schemes, commissioned and monitored by Hampshire County Council and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. The care provider varies scheme-by-scheme but they all must meet the same quality standards you would expect from an organisation providing personal care into a persons own home.

What members of staff are in the building at any time?

Each scheme has a Scheme Manager to look after the building and its residents, help with housing related issues, and manage the rota of carer staff available during the day. There will also be a Care Manager and a care team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What happens if I need help at night?

The 24 hour care staff are there for your peace of mind and are available to anyone who needs help at short notice.

How do I complain if I am dissatisfied with the service I receive in an Extra Care Scheme?

All Housing Providers and Care Providers have their own complaints procedures which they will be able to tell you about.  You can also make a complaint to Hampshire County Council or directly to the Care Quality Commission.


Moving from your own home

I own my own home, can I move into an Extra Care Scheme?

Yes. Some schemes offer homes to buy, others offer only homes to rent, and some are a mixture of both.

If I move into Extra Care, will I own my own home?

To help ensure Extra Care is available to all who may want to move in, a number of options are available when looking at what flat you may want.

  1. Rented Flats
    Flats are available to rent in Extra Care Schemes. All purpose build schemes in Hampshire are run by Registered Providers (housing associations) and are available through the local District Councils housing list.

  2. Shared Ownership
    Shared Ownership, or part-rent-part-buy, flats are also available. You will be able to purchase up to a 75% share of the property, with the Housing Association owning the other 25%. When the property needs to be sold, the Housing Association will buy back your 75% share. For more information, please visit (Hampshire County Council is not responsible for the content of external websites)

  3. Full ownership
    There are some schemes in Hampshire that allow you to fully purchase your flat. When the flat needs to be sold, it must be sold to someone who is eligible to live in that Extra Care scheme.

In Hampshire County Council funded Extra Care schemes there is no difference between flats available for rent and those available to buy. They will be the same size and have the same facilities and utilities within them and both have access to the same communal facilities within the scheme.

What if I need help with laundry or shopping?

If this need has been identified during your care assessment and included in your care plan laundry and/or shopping will be completed by care workers.

Are meals provided?

All flats within purpose built Extra Care schemes have their own kitchens as you would expect in a home of your own, but they also have an on-site restaurant and will provide hot meals at least once a day to residents and guests.

Meals within the restaurant are a good opportunity to socialise with other residents, friends and families and other older people from the local community who come into the schemes to use the facilities.

In order to ensure that a restaurant is able to provide good food for at the right price, in a number of cases it may be a condition of tenancy that you take 1 meal a day, 5 days a week.

What if I have a dog or cat?

A number of schemes are happy to accept pets providing it does not cause nuisance to other residents. You can discuss this when looking to make an application to a scheme.

Are there any restrictions on when I can have visitors?

Your apartment is your own home so you choose who can visit and when. In a number of schemes, guest rooms are available if guests need to stay for a number of days, or have travelled a long distance.

Will I feel lonely in an Extra Care scheme?

Although you have your own flat with your own front door, there are plenty of opportunities to socialise within the community. As well as the restaurant, hairdressers, and communal lounges, schemes offer many different activities from Coffee mornings to art classes, gentle exercise classes and visits from community organisations. It is up to you to decide how much you wish to be involved in within the scheme and surrounding community.


The costs involved

How much will it cost me to live in Extra Care?

Housing costs vary by scheme. More information can be found when applying to access a scheme in your area.

Hampshire County Councils Adult Services will do a financial assessment and will look at all of your income, any savings you have and the likely costs involved with moving into Extra Care.  They will also advise of any other benefits you are entitled to claim and assist with any claims.

How much will it cost in utility charges?

Some schemes pay communally for water and sewerage charges, and some also include heating and lighting costs. The cost of this will be included in a Service Charge.  If your flat is individual metered then these will be your responsibility in the same way as they are in your current property.  Residents also pay for their own contents insurance, telephone services and TV licences.

How do I pay for care?

Once you have been assessed by Hampshire Adult Services they will agree a Care Plan with you that will meet your support needs. Depending upon your circumstances and your savings, you may find that the care can be funded by the local authority.