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Drugs and alcohol

Adult Services works in partnership with Health and a number of independent organisations to provide a broad range of services, available across Hampshire, to help reduce the problems caused by or associated with substance misuse. These services include:

  • advice and information
  • day support services
  • structured treatment programmes

Some services are run by voluntary organisations, some by Health and/or by Adult Services.

The Drug and Alcohol Action Team

The Drug and Alcohol Action Team work in partnership with all those concerned in reducing the harm caused by substance misuse to individuals, their families and communities.

Most services are provided in the community, although some specialist services such as detoxification and intensive rehabilitation programmes are usually provided in an in-patient or residential setting. You can contact many organisations without being referred by your doctor.


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What am I entitled to?

The local authority is here to help everyone understand their needs and, if required, provide an assessment.

For more information about what help you are entitled to, please see the Who can get help from Adult Services web pages.

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