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Dementia Friendly Hampshire: Dementia Ambassadors

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The growing network of Dementia Ambassadors is a group of individuals who have chosen to champion the idea of dementia friendly communities. They have taken time to understand the issues and are passionate about spreading the word, helping to raise awareness of the challenges facing both people with dementia and the organisations that interact with them.

As a voice for people at a local level, Dementia Ambassadors are key opinion formers too, helping to drive and shape the campaign in Hampshire for the greatest benefit of all parties by adding to the local knowledge pool. Recognising that people are extremely busy, it is envisaged that Dementia Ambassadors support the programme whenever possible and in a variety of ways, fitting in with existing commitments.

Dementia Ambassadors are critical to the sustainability of the initiative across Hampshire. They include representatives from Councils, retailers, educational establishments and libraries and, of course, it is extremely important for people with dementia to get involved.

If taking on the role of a Dementia Ambassador is not for you, why not become a volunteer? There’s much work to be done and any time that people can give is welcomed.

Please sign up and be a part of the growing community of Dementia Ambassadors.

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