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Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance

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The Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance (HDAA) was created primarily to encourage businesses and organisations throughout the County to pledge to make a positive difference to the quality of life for people with dementia and importantly, their carers. The Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance currently has more than 450 members, making it one of the largest Alliances in the country.

Members sign up to the National Dementia Declaration which has been created in partnership with people with dementia and commit to making their customer facing staff dementia aware. Members are then able to use a special logo at premises, on websites and in publications, highlighting that the organisation is inclusive and that staff have an awareness of how to support people with dementia.

HDAA members also publish an action plan, appropriate to the organisation, which sets out what they will do to help improve the lives of people with dementia.  As well as dementia awareness for staff, action plans often include undertakings to:

  • appoint a Dementia Ambassador for the organisation
  • review signage and seating and making appropriate changes
  • review published materials to ensure they’re easy to understand
  • appoint appropriately trained ‘dementia helpers’ to assist with shopping
  • host an awareness raising event for the local community
  • support a dementia charity

Please sign up and be a part of Hampshire’s growing community of dementia aware organisations.

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Picture reproduced by permission of Mandy Moore.


“The aims of the HDAA fit with the core values of Boots. I am delighted to support this initiative and the training my staff receive will help them to feel more able to help and understand our customers with dementia.”

Andy Gascoigne

Manager of Boots in Fleet