Who we are and what we do

Aims of the LGBT Network

Provide a safe and supportive space for LGBT+ staff

To provide a safe and supportive space for HCC staff who identify as LGBT+, those exploring their sexuality and/or gender identity and those who support LGBT+ equality to  gather  together to discuss and express their views, experiences and concerns.

Raise awareness, knowledge and understanding

To raise awareness and increase understanding of LGBT+ issues, lives and experiences within HCC and to increase visibility and awareness within all service areas.

To act as an information, advice and signposting resource for HCC managers and staff on issues relating to sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity, homophobia and  transphobia and to identify channels of support as appropriate to support LGBT+ employees and service users.  

Improve policy and practice

To provide educational opportunities for all staff, to expand their understanding of LGBT+ matters at regular events and in different parts of the County.

To represent LGBT+ staff and act as a consultative group to influence and improve policy and practice within HCC and its partner agencies.

Improve service delivery

To support HCC to become one of the top local authority employers for LGBT+ people in the UK as indexed by the annual Stonewall Equality Index.

To support HCC and its partner agencies in identifying the needs of LGBT+ users of services and to improve service delivery and experience for LGBT+ residents

Work in partnership

To develop partnerships with other Hampshire County Council Equality and Diversity Networks with a view to sharing information, resources and good practice.

To develop partnerships with other LGBT+ networks and organisations across Hampshire, with a view to sharing information, resources and good practice.


Membership of the Network is open to all Hampshire County Council employees who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender plus those with other gender and sexual identities (LGBT+), those who are exploring their sexual and/or gender identity and those who support LGBT+ equality.


The membership and database of the LGBT+ Network will remain confidential to the Network Chairs and Administrator. Non-identifiable data on the membership, for example number of members by directorate, may be shared with others within HCC to inform network planning and development.

Structure of the Network

The network reports to HCC’s Corporate Equality & Diversity Lead.

Two Co-Chairs will be elected from the membership to lead and co-ordinate the network.

The Chairs will be elected for a term of 3 years.

The Chairs of the network will meet with the Chairs of other LGBT networks across Hampshire and the chairs of other HCC Equality & Diversity groups to share information on good policy and practice and to organise joint events.

An administrator will be appointed from within the organisers group if available.

An organisers group will be developed to plan and co-ordinate meetings and social events.

This organisers group will be flexible in it’s make up and any member of the network is welcome to be part of the organisers group.

Additional working groups will be formed to work on specific projects and initiatives (e.g. HCC LGBT Real Vision Group)


The Network will meet 3 - 4 times a year for two hours. The network chairs can call additional meetings at any time.

Network meetings will held in Winchester (2 per year) and other locations across the county (1-2 per year)

Members are permitted to attend meetings in work time. Meetings are scheduled in advance and it is the individual member’s responsibility to give sufficient notice and make the appropriate arrangements with their line manager to attend.


The network will maintain LGBT+ network webpages on the corporate website and communicate via Yammer and a private Facebook Group.

Brief notes of each meeting will be posted on the LGBT network webpages

Details of events will be posted on the LGBT network webpages, with some events being promoted on the Intranet homepage and on the plasma display screens in managed buildings

Links with other networks

The LGBT+ network will work with the other LGBT Staff Networks of organisations in the Hampshire LGBT+ Alliance to organise for a joint annual staff conference, and to assist in planning Hampshire Pride.

Network budget

An annual budget is currently being requested to meet the following anticipated costs

  • Internal and external websites
  • Hampshire Pride & LGBT History Month Publicity & Advertising
  • Annual Conference
  • Stonewall Workplace Index Related Training
  • Internal LGBT Awareness Training