Supporting People

Structure and functions of the Supporting People Team

Currently, Supporting People is within the Wellbeing and Partnerships Commissioning Team within Adult Services. The focus of this team is prevention and early intervention and as such it is an appropriate location for Supporting People.

Prevention and Early Intervention

We have three Prevention and Early Intervention managers, focusing on older persons’ wellbeing, including commissioning and managing the older persons’ Supporting People function, managing the Community Independence teams and developing extra care schemes in the county.

Commissioning and management of services

We have four managers responsible for the commissioning and management of services in the socially excluded and disabilities clusters.

With the above structures in place, it makes sense to have separate strategic reviews for each client cluster and for these strategies to be set for the duration of the contracts. This is normally three years. To this end, services within the three client clusters are reviewed every three years, prior to contracts ending.

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