Supporting People

Policies and procedures

Appeals to a review
Guidance issued by the ODPM (Monitoring & Review of Supporting People Services: An Overview, December 2002) stated that all Supporting People Administering Authorities must make provision to allow for a provider to challenge the outcome of a review of their service .

Consultation and Communication
This policy aims to provide details of the communication channels that will be used to enable the Hampshire Supporting People team, Providers and Service Users to express any concerns or ideas they may have relating to the project, to be involved in future planning and development of services and to promote understanding and trust between all stakeholders.

It is a requirement of all Supporting People contracts that an internal complaints procedure exists in respect of all contracted services.  As such, all complaints should first of all have been raised using this internal procedure unless the complaint relates to an issue which threatens the health, safety or welfare of Service Users, in which case complaints can be considered by Supporting People, before any internal process has been exhausted. Find details of the Hampshire County Council Adult Services complaints process

Eligibility Criteria for the Supporting People Grant
All eligible Hampshire Supporting People (SP) services should be in accordance with the Hampshire SP strategy and in particular the Hampshire Policy Framework and the relevant client group Prevention Statements. All services will, in addition, need to demonstrate intended outcomes for service users in line with the above policy documents.

Fairer Charging Policy Microsoft Word 54kb
The new financial assessment will safeguard all service users in long term Supporting People services.

Night Cover
The provision of night cover is recognised as an essential element in delivering effective housing related support services in many circumstances.  As with many aspects of housing related support however, it is not appropriate in all circumstances. This policy sets out the circumstances where it is considered that provision of such cover represents a cost effective means of delivering housing related support.

You should report all safeguarding issues to Adult Services Safeguarding, through the Contact Centre. Supporting People no longer require you to duplicate this reporting to us.

As you are aware your reports help ensure that we all comply with the multi-agency policy Safeguarding Adults and ensures the protection of vulnerable adults from abuse’.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that maximum use is made of the resources available and that the administering authority is able to ensure high quality services that provide value for money.

Where services and contracts are put out to tender, Supporting People will adopt the process set out by the Hampshire County Council Standing Orders on Procurement and Tendering effective at the relevant date.

Protecting people from abuse
Safeguarding adults means making sure that vulnerable adults are protected from abuse. Protecting and safeguarding adults is everybody's business. If you, or another vulnerable adult you know is being harmed in any way by another person please do not ignore it.

References from Supporting People
There are a number of occasions, when a Service Provider might wish Hampshire County Council to provide a reference.