Supporting People


Effective procurement arrangements are fundamental to achieving value for money, increase efficiency and improve the quality of services for the people of Hampshire, contributing to the County Council’s corporate priorities.

Hampshire County Council needs to ensure that providers, or potential providers, of Supporting People services are suitable organisations and meet the following criteria:

  • financially viable
  • have competent administrative procedures that are able to properly handle and account for Supporting People grant
  • have effective employment policies to cover staff development, staff supervision and the health and safety of both staff and service users
  • have sufficiently robust management procedures to provide Supporting People services
  • are able to demonstrate a track record or competence to deliver services

Applicants accepted onto our Register will have been assessed as meeting the agreed criteria covered by the application process. The criteria are designed to ensure the competence and suitability of an Applicant as a party with whom the County Council may contract. Where tenders are invited from the Register, it is not necessary for the competence and suitability of Tenderers to be investigated afresh.

Providers on the Register will be notified of all services to be tendered by Supporting People, including those where support and care are to be jointly provided.


The aim of this policy is to ensure that maximum use is made of the resources available and that the administering authority is able to ensure high quality services that provide value for money.

Where services and contracts are put out to tender, Supporting People will adopt the process set out by the Hampshire County Council Standing Orders on Procurement and Tendering effective at the relevant date.


Instructions on how to register and participate in tenders can be found in 'E-tendering for suppliers' on the In-Tend website. Follow the link below and click on Supplier Information: