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Performance Indicators (PI's) and outcomes

Performance Indicators(PI's)

All services are required to submit data in respect of all of the performance indicators detailed in their contracts. In addition to these indicators services are required to provide answers to the information gathering questions in the PI workbooks (these are determined by client group).

Workbooks should be downloaded from using the guidance below (unless the service is a community alarm service or a housing improvement agency service).

Performance Indicator Return dates for 2014/15

  • Quarter 1: 7 April – 6 July. Submission Deadline 20 July

  • Quarter 2: 7 July – 5 October. Submission Deadline 19 October

  • Quarter 3: 6 October – 4 January. Submission Deadline 18 January

  • Quarter 4: 5 January – 5 April. Submission Deadline 19 April


For short term services the outcome questions have been added to the quarterly Performance Indicator Workbooks whilst the long term services will be sent an additional workbook at the end of the third quarter.

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