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Quality Assessment Framework (QAF)

This section focuses on the procedures and information available to enable Providers to complete QAF's for their service's  

In June 2009 the QAF was added to SPOCC. Providers now need to complete their QAF in Instructions on how to do this can be found below.

QAF Easy read version

An easy read version has been produced in conjunction with Mencap easy read symbols and the CLG. This document is designed to explain to a service user what support they can expect to receive from a Supporting People service. Please use the link above to download a copy.


Please note that the CLG and Sitra are still finalising which frameworks the Supporting People team can accept for passporting through the QAF. Until further announcement is made we will only be accepting CSHS Code of Practice for passporting. If any further announcements are made we will update this site accordingly.

Useful documents

The following documents are examples of the actual QAFs that you will complete via They are included here for information only. If a provider downloads, completes and submitts any of these documents by email we would ask you to copy the information into the correct document within and submit that way.

  • QAF 2009

    This is the normal QAF completed by the majority of services

  • QAF Lite (Alarm Services)
    This is the QAF that is completed in respect of Community Alarm services

  • QAF Lite (Small Providers)
    This is the QAF that is completed by services that are provided by organisations we have deemed to be small providers and Almshouses

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If you have any questions about PI workbooks please contact the Performance Team

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