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Adult Services equality impact assessment

As a department we are committed to promoting equality and good community relations in Hampshire, through our every-day practice as both a service provider and employer.

Equality Impact Assessments are a way of rigorously checking strategies, policies, projects and decisions, to ensure that they are easily accessible. They provide a clear system of quality assurance, and help our managers and staff to focus on meeting the needs of service users in relation to age, disability, gender, race, religion & belief and sexual orientation and transgender. The Council has developed its own system of equality impact assessment.

How do they contribute to service planning?

Equality Impact Assessments enable service planners to:

  • ensure that the Council is delivering fair and appropriate services in terms of age, disability, gender, race, faith and sexual orientation
  • ensure that Members are provided with the information they need to support good quality decision-making
  • highlight any potential risk areas that should be factored into the project planning/decision making process, to prevent costly mistakes

Equality impact assessment documents