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New Care and Support at Home arrangements

New contracts for Care and Support at Home for older people, those with mental health conditions and physical disabilities came into affect from August 2018.

To ensure a more robust approach that is able to deliver high quality and timely care and support to residents in Hampshire the county has been divided into 15 geographical zones. In each zone there will be one tier 1 provider who we will work closely with in order for them to be able to respond to the majority of requests for packages of care. If these tier 1 providers are unable to deliver the care and support in the timeframe required or if they do not have the capacity at that time our brokerage team, who match individuals with appropriate providers, will approach a number of tier 2 organisations in each zone to deliver that particular care and support package.

In order to have confidence in this model and the ability of providers on both tier 1 and tier 2 to deliver Care and Support at Home, Hampshire County Council Adults’ Health and Care department have assessed and awarded contracts following a detailed legal process and a robust selection process.

IN addition all providers are approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

The tier 1 providers are as follows:

  • ACASA Care and Support – working in Basingstoke East, Winchester north and Hart and Rushmoor

  • All Care – working in Basingstoke West, Eastleigh and Winchester South

  • Apex – working in the New Forest East and North, Andover, Havant, East Hampshire including Alton and Bordon

  • Radis – working in Fareham and Gosport

  • Enthuse Care – working in New Forest South

Key changes to the Care and Support at Home Service

  • The services very much focus on a strength based approach and providers will be working with all individuals to enable independence as much as possible. This may be through the use of assistive technology, involving wider support networks where possible and engaging in the local community to enable individual’s outcomes to be met.

  • Visit times may not be specific unless for medication purposes or to manage a particular condition, however your care provider will give you a support plan detailing times periods when you can expect your carer to visit

  • Care providers will be involved in the reviewing process and where appropriate will be conducting reviews which will be signed off by the relevant Adults’ Health and Care community team – these reviews will ensure packages of care and support are safe, appropriate and proportionate to allow individuals to live long, healthy and happy lives, with the maximum possible independence.

  • If you or someone you care for has a change in circumstances and feel that the care package needs to change, please contact Adults’ Health and Care department as soon as possible so this can be reviewed on 0300 555 1386

  • If you are already receiving care we will not automatically be moving your care and support to another provider as a result of these new arrangements. We want to reduce any disruption and maintain continuity for you as far as possible. If your circumstances change or you request a change in care provider due to quality or delivery concerns then these will be supported through our new arrangements.

  • The Care and Support at Home service also offers Take a Break provision for individuals who require carers respite.

To ensure these new arrangements deliver the outcomes we want for our residents the department has appointed key Contract Relationships Managers (CRM) who are responsible for supporting the delivery of these contracts. Their roles are designed to build on and develop good practice while  addressing issues and concerns from providers, our staff and of course those in receipt of care and support services.,

Your Contracts Relationship Managers (CRM) are:

  • Harry Boyce – South East

  • Faye Waters - West

  • Jane Cleeve – North and North East

To contact a CRM please either call 0300 555 1386 or email