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Oudenarde Barracks

Date of construction 1890-5
Date of demolition 1965

Named after the Duke of Marlborough's victory at Oudenarde on 11 July 1708.

These brick barracks were designed to replace the old wooden hutted encampment of the 1850s, following the Barracks Act of 1890. Oudenarde Barracks was built to accommodate a battalion of infantry.

Officer's mess, sergeant's mess, regimental institute and 20 single storey barracks bungalows. Normal occupancy was 25 officers and 668 men.

The barracks were demolished in 1965. The two surviving barrack bungalows (M and N) house the Aldershot Military Museum. The dental centre added in 1937 survives as the museum's offices.

Photo: 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment outside Oudenarde Barracks, North camp in October 1939

Oudenarde Barracks