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Queen Elizabeth Barracks (Boyce Barracks) - Crookham

Date of construction 1938

This large barracks complex was built to act as the Depot for the Royal Army Medical Corps, who used it until 1962. From 1965 until 1970 it was used by Training Regiments of the Royal Corps of Transport. From 1970 until 2000 it was used by Gurkha Regiments.

Wooden hutted camp, with single storey barrack blocks arranged as 'spiders'. The camp could accommodate 2 500 men in peace time. This camp also included a numbers of stores and administration buildings, as well as a large parade area, gymnasium and cinema.

During the Golden Jubilee year of the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1948, the Colonel-in-Chief of the Corps, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (the wife of King George VI and late mother of our present Queen Elizabeth II), visited the depot and met with the recruits based there. It was on this occasion that the barracks were permanently renamed from Boyce Barracks to Queen Elizabeth Barracks in her honour.

Site sold by the MOD and due for redevelopment as housing. The headquarters administration building has been moved and preserved at the Aldershot Military Museum.