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Warburg Barracks (East Cavalry Barracks)

Date of construction 1856-59
Date of demolition 1964

Originally known as the East Cavalry Barracks they were renamed Warburg in 1909. The name 'Warburg' originates from the Battle of Warburg that took place on the 31 July 1760, during the Seven Years War with France

Warburg Barracks were one of three cavalry barracks built in Aldershot to house the 1st Cavalry Brigade. It housed regular regiments of horsed cavalry until 1938.

Guard room and cells plus four two-storey troop stables, officer's mess, sergeant's mess and a riding school.

Princes Hall and Warburg Car Park in Aldershot now occupy the site

Photo Warburg Barracks Officers Mess c1895

Warburg Barracks