Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Catalogue help

How do I search the database?

For a simple search, type a keyword or keywords in the search box at top right of screen and click Search button beside it

Basic features:

  • ·Searching is not case sensitive, e.g. alton = Alton
  • ·Keywords in speech marks "james dean" will find two or more words appearing together
  • ·Keywords james dean will find two or more words appearing apart in the same record
  • ·Use * to find words with common roots, e.g. brick* will find brick, brickyard, brick


Results are displayed in a list of finds showing basic details; Finding No, Title, Date. Click View Record to check for any additional information.

To sort your finds by Finding No, Title or Date, click on the column header. NB: a sort on date will bring all undated items to the top of the list.

To search over several fields at the same time, choose Advanced Search, then Catalogue.  Use it to search for a keyword or words in one particular collection, or for a range of dates*, or for a particular type of document which is likely to appear in the title of a record (e.g. will, map, electoral register, photograph).

* NB: searching by date always results in a slower search. You can choose one year, a range of years, e.g. 1880-1895 (but not 1880-95), c1900 which will search 5 years either side of the date, or 19th century which will search 1801-1900.