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Impact Youth Panel

The Impact Youth Panel are a group of young people who meet regularly at the Willis Museum in Basingstoke. This is as part of the EDGE Project, a Hampshire Museums and Galleries Trust initiative to engage young people aged 14 to 24 with their local Museums, Galleries, Discovery Centres, Arts Centres, and Libraries. The EDGE Project is funded by V, which funds volunteering opportunities for young people. Impact (formally known as the USBs) meet to discuss ideas for events, exhibitions and activities which they would like to see in these spaces. They then take an active role in the organisation and running of these events.

Last year Impact worked with Living Links. The group worked on producing their own film entitled Basingstoke 2010. The film was a ‘sense of place’ documentary about the town today. The group came up with their own ideas for what to include in the film, and worked with professional production company Cass Productions to put it together. Cass trained the group to use professional camera equipment, as well as how to do interviews, sound, music, and even animation.

As part of the project, Impact were also able to engage with Hampshire’s Archives. The group trawled though footage of a variety of Basingstoke locations to choose segments to include in their film. This was a new experience for the group, and they were interested to look at how the town has changed over the years.

The group took part in regular evening sessions and even some Saturdays to complete the film before it had its official premiere to invited guests on the 29 January. An edited version of the film is on permanent display at the Willis Museum.

Through Living Links and the EDGE Project, Impact has engaged many young people with their heritage, and the project has also enabled them to learn new skills. This partnership was repeated with the Gosport Edge Youth Group who have recently completed a film on 'Growing up in Gosport' with the help of Living Links and Cass Productions.

For further information on the EDGE Project contact Sophie McLean, 07590 304952

Fleet & Crookham Local History Group

Fleet and Crookham Local History Group was founded in 1985, to provide a focus for all those people with an interest in the history of the area.

Its objectives are

  • Researching, recording and preserving the history of the area
  • Furthering the interests of members of the Group by a programme of meetings, visits workshops etc.
  • To encourage the establishment of a permanent collection of photographs, documents and artefacts relating to the Local History
  • To publish papers, reports and other literature relating to the declared objectives of the Group
  • To take such steps as necessary to preserve and/or retain buildings or artefacts of an historic nature

Meetings are held once a month, and the group hosts talks on a wide range of subjects of both local and more general interest, organises visits with their outdoor programme around Hampshire, and contributes towards newsletters and publications.

Fleet and Crookham Local History Group makes regular use of the display cabinet in the Heritage Zone in Fleet Library but also takes exhibits to the Dogmersfield, Winchfield and Crookham Village Horticultural Society Show, and has loaned exhibits, for example, to the Aldershot Military Museum. They also take part in Heritage Open Days, England’s biggest voluntary cultural event.

The Ryde Social Heritage Group

Members of Ryde Social Heritage Group in costume

The Ryde Social Heritage Group was formed in 2002, and was created to research, document and share the history of Ryde. We work in Ryde Cemetery, recording the inscriptions from the memorials, then we search through archival material to find out any biographical information relating to those people.

In 2005, we received a Lottery grant for a 3 year project which enabled us to set up a website to publish our research, install a display case and map in the cemetery, put on exhibitions and open days, and to produce newsletters, leaflets, a guide to Ryde Cemetery, and a book called ‘Ryde’s Heritage, Our Town, Your Histories’.

The lottery funded project ended in 2008, but RSHG is continuing with the work and we are now supporting other local groups and projects.

This group have worked with Living Links to produce an audio trail of Ryde which is available for download to mp3 players. The group researched the history of their town in the Isle of Wight Record Office and with the help of ATS Heritage produced a script for the trail.

A local artist created a map to accompany the trail, and a leaflet and exhibition were produced highlighting how the project was put together and the history uncovered. A launch event was held in May in Ryde.

Members of Fleet & Crookham Local History Group
Members of Fleet & Crookham Local History Group


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