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Once your community group has been established and has begun gathering archival material, it may be an idea to publicise your findings. There are many types of publications that are readily available to use:

  • Leaflets
  • Booklets
  • Newsletters
  • Bulletins
  • Journals
  • Fact Sheets
  • Reports
  • Summaries
  • Portable Guides
  • Videotapes
  • Magazines
  • Books

Self-publication is a primary way in which specialised works are published. It is ideal for community groups as they can make the final decision on what gets published, and what quality that work will be.

One way to self-publicise is through vanity presses: any publication can be printed for a specified fee – keeping all costs (and profits) within your community group. However, the promotion and distribution of your publication is solely in your responsibility. Editing and formatting services may or may not be offered, and may or may not be included in the initial cost of printing – it is best to see what type of service fits your group.

Another way to self-publicise is through Print On Demand – a service which keeps a digital copy of your publication in their system, then only prints out a copy when someone orders it. The downside is that a upfront fee is paid to have the publication on the system; if no-one buys a copy, then you may not make a profit.

While self-publication is sometimes viewed in low-esteem for its lack of commercial appeal, they are very appropriate for community groups who have a localised and specific audience.

It may be possible to publish your work through a mainstream publisher: they will cover the costs of marketing and distribution, but can edit the work or text as they see fit, and will earn money through royalties. However, they may not accept the publication if they do not think it has widespread appeal.




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