Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Local History Groups

This information was last updated in June 2014. If you would like to be included in this directory please contact Mark Pitchforth, , email archives.enquiries@hants.gov.uk

Alton and Villages Local History Forum

  • The group active since 2009
  • Representatives from Alton and 11 villages
  • Contact janehurst1@gmail.com, tel 01420 86701
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group Jane Hurst
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Our aim is to collect, preserve and share the local history including putting on a FREE Local History Day on alternate years. We are also collecting material for volumes which will list the men from World War One who are on the village war memorials. The Forum meets twice a year and would welcome representatives from other nearby villages.
  • Plans for the future
    To keep in contact, help each other with our aims and put on the next Local History Day.

Friends of the Curtis Museum and Allen Gallery

  • The group active over 75 years
  • 150+ members
  • Contact janehurst1@gmail.com, tel 01420 86701
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group - Jane Hurst
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Our aim is the education of the public by promotion, support, assistance and improvement of the Curtis Museum and Allen Gallery including engaging in, supporting and co-ordinating research, publishing and education. We meet 9 times a year for talks, have summer outings and produce a volume of ‘Alton Papers’ each year.
  • Plans for the future
    To continue with the above.

Christchurch Local History Society

  • The group active 22 years
  • 250 members
  • Contact info@historychristchurch.org
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group - michael.andrews21@btinternet.com, michael.andrews21@btinternet.com
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Promoting and encouraging the study of our local history through our archive, guided walks and talks, journal, publications and website.
  • Plans for the future
    We would like to widen community access to our archive through more publicity. We want to involve local schools by offering research facilities and outreach projects, as well as continuing the work of cataloguing indexing conserving dealing with enquiries and liaising with our local museum, the Red House

Fleet and Crookham Local History Group

  • The group active since 1986
  • 150 approx members
  • Contact via website
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group - contact via website.
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Identifying, collecting, conserving, scanning, cataloguing and providing access to any material relating to the local history of our area. Nine meetings with a speaker (visitors welcome) and two outdoor visits a year. Three newsletters a year. Transcription, indexing and other projects. Research projects and publication. Public displays and 'Meet the Local History Detectives' events.
  • Plans for the future
    Continue to promote the Group, encourage donations of material and complete scanning of the entire archive. Build on links already made with local societies, Hart Voluntary Action, schools and Hampshire Record Office. Try to acquire a secure resource room with space for our archive and room for displays, workshops and access for the public.

Freshwater & Totland Archive Group - Isle of Wight

  • The group active active since 2009
  • 10 group members
  • Contact pauline.tyrell@talktalk.net, tel 01983 754285
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group -cooper019@btinternet.com, pauline.tyrell@talktalk.net
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Our aim is to establish a local Archive that will be easily accessible to local people and to encourage the sharing of memories and depositing of records; thus enabling future generations to understand and appreciate their rich local history; to acknowledge those who’ve made our villages what they are, and to safeguard the characters of our villages in the future. Activities up to now have consisted of working with Parish Councils and various other groups, advertising our presence, appealing for material, recording memories on tape, conducting Reminiscence Walks, holding public displays of photographic and written material, and showing film which features past local events and interviews with local people.
  • Plans for the future
    Complete the cataloguing of material, to raise funds in order to obtain appropriate storage items e.g. acid free boxes and photo-sleeves; collaborate with local organisations and schools in promoting the value of Local History; conduct Reminiscence walks; display material and talk to local groups; explore the possibility of publishing reminiscences currently recorded on tape; attempt to locate an alternative base in the event of the closure of the library.

Romsey Local History Society (LTVAS Group)

  • The group active since 1973
  • 400 group members with our two associated village societies
  • Contact phoebe.merrick2@ntlworld.com, tel 01794 513751
  • Main interests/activities of group
    History and archaeology of Romsey and other places in the lower Test Valley. We have two history workshops weekly and three or four public meetings each month, as well as producing a newsletter and publishing our research.
  • Plans for the future
    A three year programme to study the history of the lower Test valley in Saxon times, in conjunction with the University of Winchester.

How We Used To Live

  • The group active since 2009
  • Representatives from the New Forest villages and hamlets around Lyndhurst.
  • Contact sasa.hall@btinternet.com (023 8028 4558) to join the mailing list for notices of events.
  • Archive Ambassadors in the Group
    Tessa Davis, Sara Hall, Angela Trend.
  • Main interests/activities of the group
    Based in the New Forest, the How we used to live local history group encompasses talks, exhibitions and hands-on exploration of the past. Focussing upon people and houses in Allum Green, Bank, Blackwater, Emery Down, Gritnam and Swan Green it also encourages local inhabitants with long memories to reminisce about their lives.
  • Plans for the future
    Autumn/Winter programme of monthly talks, research project commemorating The Great War (in liaison with Lyndhurst Parish Council, including an exhibition at The New Forest Centre with talk and book launch for charity), two-day exhibition in Bank and Emery Down Village Hall.

Minstead Local History Group

  • The group active since 2009
  • No membership, average attendance 24 at monthly meetings
  • Contact Alec.coutts@btinternet.com
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group Alec Coutts
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Minstead Local and Family History. Researching all aspects of the village, past and present. Preparing for an Exhibition May 7/8 2011.
  • Plans for the future
    Regular meetings (2nd Tuesday of each month) to discuss items of interest to the group in the Social Club of Minstead Hall.

Newbridge Village Archive

  • The group active since 2009
  • Two group members
  • Contact:  hhiggins33@gmail.com
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group: Hilary Higgins and Chloe Sutherland
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Digitally storing shared photographs and memories of the village. Occasional displays. Enquiries welcomed and research undertaken. Priority is given to material in private hands which might otherwise be un-recorded and lost
  • Plans for the future
    We hope to continue occasional displays, and eventually create a website and permanent record held in the Community Centre.

Ryde Social Heritage Group – Ryde, Isle of Wight

  • The group formed by a group of friends in 2002 RSHG became a formally constituted group in 2005
  • 70 (approx) group members
  • Contact: Janette@subagua.demon.co.uk, Chairman
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group Janette Gregson
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Researching, documenting and sharing information about the history of Ryde, Isle of Wight. We record inscriptions from the memorials in the cemeteries in Ryde and then research the lives and deaths of the people buried there. We support the Heritage and Learning Centre in Ryde Cemetery and regularly have exhibitions about Ryde History in the Heritage Centre and in other venues in the town. We also give guided walks and talks to other interested groups. We have a vast and growing archive of information about the people and town of Ryde.
  • Plans for the future
    We will continue to support the Heritage Centre in Ryde Cemetery which we man on most weekends on a voluntary basis to enable members of the public to use the facilities there. We will also continue to record information from the cemeteries and church graveyards in Ryde and then carry out research into the people, buildings and development of our town and to make this information available to as wide a public as possible. Our website receives contact from people from across the world who are researching their ancestors from Ryde, and whom we help with their research where possible

Wherwell History Group

  • The group was formed in 2008 and since 2011 covers Wherwell and Chilbolton
  • Group membership consistently exceeds 50 per annum
  • Contact wherwellhistory@gmail.com
  • Archive Ambassadors in the group Andrew Flanagan (wherwellhistory@gmail.com), , Mike Gee (mikeg34@tiscali.co.uk), Brenda Bryant (bickerstaffe@wherwell.fsbusiness.co.uk)
  • Main interests/activities of group
    Programme of monthly meetings (talks & visits & open evenings). Regular (monthly) articles (egCommunity Magazine). Create an archive of village material– photographs, maps, souvenir programmes, village booklets (including the complete set of Wherwell Anthologies), oral interviews, etc. Since January 2010, we have been archiving the Community Magazine and the Church Newsletter on the village website.
  • Past projects include: Village Scrapbook (2010), Time Capsule (2011), Chilbolton 'Sound Barrier' Jubilee (2012), Wherwell Abbey Pageant (2012), History Tour of Wherwell (2013), Calendars of Bygone Photographs (2012 & 2013), Calendar of Now & Then Photographs (2014)
  • Plans for the future
    Continuing our established activities (see above) with renewed focus on Oral Interviews, plus new projects such as photographing headstones and monumental inscriptions (2014), anexpanded and updated 'History of Wherwell' booklet (2014), 'Now & Then' village film archive, 'concertina' postcards and a dedicated Wherwell History Group website giving greater access to our archive material.