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Antarctic Club Christmas card signed by artist and explorer George Marston, undated

Hampshire Record Office, 15A00/B31

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George Marston was born in Portsmouth and lived in Hampshire for much of his life. He participated in the heroic age of Antarctic exploration by playing a significant role in two of Ernest Shackleton’s expeditions, the Nimrod and the Endurance. The Nimrod expedition came within 97 miles of the South Pole so hopes were high of success on the Endurance trip but tragically the ship became trapped in the ice and had to be abandoned. The team were stranded for several months on an uninhabited island, off the coast of Antarctica, before finally being rescued in August 1916. Throughout all this Marston showed an unusual mix of courage, ingenuity and creativity, surviving on limited resources, helping to devise living quarters in two up-turned boats and producing great artworks based on his surroundings.