Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Immigrants to Hampshire

The following items are a selection of documents held at Hampshire Record Office and Wessex Film and Sound Archive which relate specifically to immigrants and refugees in Hampshire and the Wessex region. If you would like a more detailed list of documents relating to immigrants in Hampshire, please contact us. Records relating to French immigrants are listed separately in The French Connection. References to documents are given in brackets.


  • Photographs of immigrants at Southampton docks, 1953 (93M94/22; 139M86/263/1-2)
  • Pamphlet In search of Freedom. The Story of some refugees and exiles who found a haven in Bournemouth and District by E G Bennett, 1985 (TOP38/1/70)
  • South of Westminster BBC South television programme, Oct 1995, presented by Bruce Parker, including discussion with Nigel Waterson MP for Eastbourne on change in law for illegal immigrants (AV488/1/V1)

African immigrants

· Exbury parish baptism register: baptism on 6 Jun 1813 of Irby Amelia Frederick, aged 9 or 10, a native of Poppoe near Whidah, Africa, who was stolen as a slave, but rescued at sea on the way to Brazil, by HMS Amelia. Full account given at front of register (50M80/PR1)
  • Travel diary of Joseph Cawte Butler. Relates voyage from Southampton to New Zealand and describes treatment of black stowaways (diary is calendared), 1883 (146M98/1)
  • ·Abbotts Ann parish baptism register: baptism on 12 Mar 1870 of John Nasseeboo "called in the navy Bestboy, called Frinke after my master…Parents not known, being a slave on the coast of Africa" (24M68/PR5)
  • 1871 census return for Abbotts Ann, folio 10: John Naseeboo, lodger, aged 21, unmarried, domestic servant, born East coast of Africa (Microfilm M338)
  • Voices of Winchester Oral history recording by Sarah Bussey, 1988: Joan Halford talks about black Americans in Winchester during World War Two, c1945 (AV102/2/S1)
  • Bill for the "conversion of the negroes in America", undated but c17th century (44m69/G2/144)

Asian immigrants

  • Photographs of Sikh patients at Netley hospital during Boer War, c1899 (92M91/2/4)
  • Photographs of Indian soldiers at Brockenhurst, c1914 (105M93/1/29,32,35,72)
  • Amateur film of Indian Army sports day, 1938 (AV208/13)

Belgian refugees

  • Minute book of committee formed to raise funds for reception of Belgian refugees at New Alresford, 1914-15 (108M82/PX14)

Eastern European immigrants and refugees

  • Correspondence relating to European voluntary workers from Eastern European Countries accommodated at Bramley after World War II, 1948-75, c1973-5. Includes an historical note relating to their release from POW and concentration camps, and their subsequent status as displaced persons, and a list of those buried at Bramley (63M70/PZ51)
  • Jewish Immigrants
  • The Aliens of Hants. and Winchester Folder containing article and related notes about the Jews and other aliens in Winchester, 1066-1700 (118M90W/89)
  • Bill relating to the election of Jews to municipal office with draft petition to Parliament and letter to the Mayor of Winchester concerning this, 1841 (W/K5/6 p83-4, 86)
  • Portsmouth Jewish index by Mr Henry J Roche. All known pre-1850 Portsmouth and Hampshire Jews documented (GENEALOGY/126)
  • Three Jewish business women in 13th century Winchester by Suzanne Bartlet, 2000 (TOP343/1/375)

Russian and Spanish refugees

Hampshire Record Office has produced a video pack entitled The Basque Children of Eastleigh at £10. See our educational resources for details

  • Refugees at Atlantic Park, 1920 and North Stoneham, 1937, Eastleigh and District Local History Society special papers, no 20, Oct 1991. Relates to Russian refugees in 1920 and Spanish children in 1937 (PER19/20)
  • Recollections of the Basque Children's Camp at North Stoneham, Eastleigh, Eastleigh and District Local History Society publications, no 2, Jul 1987 (PER20/2)

Vietnamese refugees

  • File relating to the education of Vietnamese refugees in Hampshire, 1979-1981 (H/ED1/4b/5)
  • South on Two - The Boat People BBC South television programme, 1990, looking at the lives of the Vietnamese refugees who settled in Southern England (AV18/157/V1)