Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Fundraising Policy

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies (HALS) seeks to ensure value for money in all its activities. This entails the efficient and effective application of available resources to deliver service objectives, as well as maintaining an active awareness of external resources to support service delivery.

Our budget is monitored regularly by senior managers and the accounts are subject both to internal and external audit procedures. In recent years, joint working with other services within Hampshire County Council has enabled us to provide a more cost-effective service reaching a wider audience.

The service is supported by Hampshire Archives Trust (Registered Charity 294312), of which the County Archivist is Secretary. The Trust’s membership of over 500 individuals and organisations support the Trust activity through their subscriptions; the Trust also administers the Charlotte Bonham Carter Hampshire Archives Rescue Fund. The Trust supports HALS in a variety of ways, including funding the purchase of documents in exceptional circumstances, supporting key, groundbreaking archives developments through contributing towards project costs, and, more indirectly, through the support of its active membership willing to promote the service and support it in numerous voluntary ways. The Trust would lend valued support to major fundraising activity.

HALS fundraising activities may include applications to grant-awarding organisations such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Designation Development Fund and Screen South as well as tapping into initiatives such as the National Cataloguing Grants Scheme and the National Manuscripts Conservation Trust.

HALS has been successful in grant applications, for example from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, and Screen South. These funding streams have supported development projects at the forefront of archive development, such as widening access to archives through digitisation, the provision of archive films in libraries and social cohesion projects with schools.

Legacies and donations have also been received to support the deposit or gift of records and grant-awarding bodies such as the Friends of the National Libraries and the V&A Purchase Grant fund have enabled us to acquire records which might otherwise be outside our means.  We will continue to make grant applications, encourage and if possible negotiate financial gifts and support the grant-awarding bodies wherever possible so as to benefit from these resources when we need them.

We subscribe to Hampshire County Council’s Culture, Communities and Rural Affairs Department’s Retail Policy, 2008 and seek to be creative in maximising resources and ensuring value for money, through generating income via activities and events related to our operational plan; working in more efficient ways, often jointly with other services engaged in similar activities; developing our on-site retail potential; and considering other income generating measures such as online access to archives. In these respects, we will seek to benefit from the experience and advice of other archive-holding bodies, such as The National Archives.

The bleaker financial projection for 2011 and beyond requires ever more significant savings. These will be found through reduction of operational costs, the development of new income streams and the maximum exploitation of external funding opportunities. We will continue to explore such opportunities, including securing agreement with an external partner for delivery of chargeable content online, taking advantage of the global interest in our archives and maximising potential income generation.

August 2010