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27/05/2014 09:05am

Mrs A I Robinson

What a joy to visit your Offices and find such helpful and well informed staff. I had thought it might be intimidating, but one was made to feel welcome and that the research one was doing was important! Many thanks to everyone.



23/01/2014 02:58pm

Steven Tracey

I found the staff in the Records Office to be very knowledgeable and keen to assist. They were able to identify alternative resources for finding some of the information that I was seeking.

I also paid to have digital photographs taken of particular records. When the original set of photos was e-mailed to me, they were not quite right. When I pointed this out, I got a very helpful response and a new set of pictures were taken. The quality of this second set of images was excellent and the set is a hugely useful substitute for the original documents.



30/01/2014 08:46am

K. Dunton

Visiting the Hampshire Record Office earlier today, I was told it would be 20 minutes before the document I had requested would arrive. After some 40 minutes I noticed a blank white screen behind me, up near the ceiling. As I watched, my name scrolled up the screen and disappeared. My document had been there for some time. May I respectfully suggest that:

a) Staff point out the screen to new readers.

b) The names are displayed continuously instead of scrolling up and leaving a screen which remains blank for some time.

HRO replies

We usually advise customers that their name will appear on the screen when their document is available so this was an unfortunate omission on our part – please accept our apologies. On your second point, the screen has been adjusted to reduce the blank space and names now appear more frequently.



29/10/2013 08:02am

Ron Cassidy

Earlier this week I paid a visit to research the Hampshire Chronicle for its reports about the outbreak of WW1.

The lady who helped me was oustanding in her assistance and guided me through all aspects of what I wanted done and I achieved in a short time what I wanted.

But this is how all who visit get treated by the receptionists onwards.It is always good to know you can go to such a busy organisation and find helpful and courteous staff. Many thanks.



10/09/2013 11:17am

Ian Williams

Extremely helpful staff, despite the record office being rather busy - very nice to find people who make the effort to solve a problem when the computer isn't quite working as it should!



15/03/2013 08:00am

Cal Smith

The HRO is truly an amazing research facility! The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The atmosphere is unique! It makes me feel that what I am doing is really quite special, and sort of top secret.

I trust the staff are truly proud of the service they provide to the so many family historians visitors at the HRO.  



14/02/2013 02:35pm

John and Mary Webley

We have visited the Hampshire archives today and feel compelled to write and say what a pleasant experience it is to find such helpfulness both at the reception desk and within the search room itself. We have visited quite a few record centres but Winchester is in a different league. Well done.



05/11/2012 11:42am

Dave Hagland

I have received info from this site in the past, the people who have answered me , have always been very polite and helpfull.

I just wish to say publicly, a GREAT THANK YOU.



28/08/2012 02:05pm

Ellie Pridgeon

The Hampshire Record Office has excellent computer facilities for ordering documents, and a prompt, organised digitisation service. The staff are friendly and helpful, and I would recommend a visit.



23/07/2012 01:15pm

Connor Smith

The Hampshire Record Office is a place where you can look at over 3 Million Archives may be some on your family if lived in Winchester it is the number 1 Place!!  I love the Record Office!!


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