Hampshire Arts Service

Written Reflections

A creative writing project inspired by the Louise Cattrell exhibition

The Gallery at Winchester Discovery Centre hosted 'Reflect Land', an exhibition of artwork by Louise Cattrell, in early 2010. The pictures became a source of inspiration for a group of twelve Hampshire writers. Under the tutelage of Judy Waite, the Gallery was transformed into a writing environment for three weekly sessions. It provided a perfect synergy of artforms, and a unique experience for local writers to develop their skills.

Writers in the Gallery

Participants comments

"I feel I could go into a gallery anytime now when I'm blocked in my writing and use these tools and skills to unlock ideas."

"I was surprised how it allowed me to work from a different perspective and produce unexpected results."

"I've become possessive over the paintings I chose to work from, I want to keep living with them, they've integrated into me."

"It has stirred me, given me confidence in what I write but also has made me think about how I shape and develop pieces. I will be joining a regular poetry group to keep this momentum going."

"I have learnt that to clear the mind is the most important thing to unlocking creativity. Judy was masterly in the way she extracted writing and images from us."

We hope you enjoy these written reflections.