Hampshire Cultural Trust

Youth Arts

The Youth Arts Service aims to improve the lives of young people through participation in the arts and our work is primarily targeted in the following key areas:

Finding ways to engage more young people in the arts.

  • Encouraging more providers to make their facilities accessible to young people.
  • Generating networks to support young people’s arts opportunities.
  • Influencing and educating individuals and organisations about how they can support young people in the arts.
  • Providing marketing opportunities for young people that promote their work, events for young people and arts related website activity.

Supporting and developing agencies which the arts as a means of engaging the young people with whom they work. This includes working in partnership with the Youth Offending Team, Children’s Services and the Inclusion Service.

  • Exploring and identifying how we can use the arts to improve the value of the service each agency currently delivers.
  • Providing training opportunities to agencies so existing staff can feel confident in generating and developing arts projects within their service.
  • Seeking ways of extending the services these agencies offer by initiating arts activities outside of normal working hours.

Encouraging the current arts infrastructure to engage young people who are outside of mainstream education and who would not normally have  access to this provision. Exploring sustainable ways of enabling them to commit to this work.

  • Exploring countywide initiatives for young people to enable them to access the arts infrastructure more easily.
  • Supporting the Arts Awards and making them more approachable for young people.
  • Seeking ways to support the education work of the current arts infrastructure.

Influencing policy makers, fund holders and other agencies at a high level to help sustain and promote this work.

  • Providing evaluation of the impact of individual projects and of the Youth Arts Plan as a whole.
  • Seeking further funding for large-scale strategic youth arts projects.
  • Actively seeking opportunities to promote understanding of our work.
  • Supporting other agencies in making large funding applications to develop arts work within their service.
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