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Potential Architecture

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An exhibition of work by Lucy + Jorge Orta

The Gallery, Arts University Bournemouth  present Potential Architecture, an exhibition of artwork by Lucy + Jorge Orta, programmed in association with artSOUTH: collaborations.

The exhibition Potential Architecture brings together new work: Sculpture, drawings and models created by Lucy + Jorge Orta during their research on new organic and modular architecture, as a result of their collaborations with the Greenham partnership and other communities across Europe.

Lucy Orta works from the early 1990s began with a series of artworks that combined architecture, fashion and social intervention. Produced in collaboration with her partner, these works took the form of temporary refuges, prototype survival clothing, portable shelters, and tent villages for symbolic emergency situations. Lucy + Jorge Orta’s artistic practice has become more interdisciplinary through workshops and community based actions that explore the notions of identity, architecture and communication, to create a number of artworks, sculpture and installations, often in-situ

In 2002, Orta began working on a series entitles Totipotent Architectue. This marked a shift in their practice, away from the body and the transient shelters, to more permanent proposals for sculpture and interventions in urban space. Totipotent Architecture is a reflection on the process of differentiation the human cell undertakes from its embryonic state, to a defined cell structural organism, the wonderful building block of our body.

Alongside this newly commissioned body of work, ‘The Watch Tower, Greenham Common’, the exhibition will be the first full showing of Totipotent Architecture that Ortas’ have realised since 2004 in the different sites Birmingham, Turin, St. Etienne, San Giminiano, Les Moulins.

Image 1:  Tuscany Study, photography by Bertrand Huet. Image 2: Tower of Dreams, photography by Jean Crance. Image 3: Les Mouins Reservoirs, photography by Bertrand Huet. Image 4: Twin Towers, photography by Bertrand Huet. Images copyright the artist.