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21/06/2012 02:40pm

nicholas orpin

I am planning to organise a small sponsored walk to Beacon Hill for Hearing Dogs on 30 September. We are planning to group at the car park and then climb the hill and walk round the fort. Just wanted to check that it doesn't pose a problem for you. I have already contacted Highclere Office.

Also,I have done the walk several times, but find it impossible to judge the distance! What do you tell people? Finally, I haven't been as far as the 'Aviator Stone' to the south, how far is it?

A Ranger replies

We are happy to accommodate your request, but would like to remind you of a few things. The site is Open Access and therefore available to the public to walk. The site is also part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest, which means it is protected for it's chalk downland habitat and associated flora. Please be mindful of this and stick to the pathways already in use up and down the hill. The incline is steep and he surface of the paths is also variable , both in topography and condition and can be very slippery after periods of rain. If you are intending to take any dogs with you, please remember that there is a 'dogs on leads' policy in place due to grazing livestock on site.

In terms of distance, I have measured the route on our mapping system and to walk from the car park up the hill, around the hill fort and return back down, it would be 1.25 miles. There is public access onto the rest of Beacon Hill from the top of the hill fort, but there are no Rights of Way which lead directly to the De Havilland monument from here."



01/06/2012 07:52am

Lois Wood

I have been reading the discussion about Beacon Hill and the Jubilee Beacon lighting. I realise the actual event may be cornered off but is there anything to stop us climbing up the hill to watch all the other beacons in the area?



19/05/2012 03:20pm


Are there any details of the Jubilee beacon on Beacon Hill available? I would like to attend but want to make sure the hill isn't closed off before hand.

A Ranger replies

There is a Jubilee Beacon lighting event at Beacon Hill, but it is NOT a public event.

The event is being run by the Scout Association and Lions Club as a private event. The only Hampshire County Council Jubilee Beacon event is being held at Lepe Country Park. Details of this event and other public Jubilee Beacon events in Hampshire.



15/05/2012 05:30pm

Mannah Begum

Are you allowed to use disposable BBQs in the park?

A Ranger replies

We are sorry but it is against the bylaws to have barbecues on Beacon Hill. There are however areas for picnicking.



16/04/2012 04:04pm

John Barry Nicholson

Is there any access from the Beacon Hill Burghclere site to the Waywfares walk to the south please?

A Ranger replies

Unfortunately it is not possible to access the Wayfarers walk directly from Beacon Hill, It is however possible to get from Beacon Hill to the Wayfarers walk via Old Burghclere which is to the North East.

By following the road out of the Beacon Hill Car Park, across the flyover on the A34 you can carry straight on ahead of you on a footapth into Old Burghclere, from here you can turn south following a footpath along a dismantled railway till it comes parallel with the A34, when you are at the edge of the main road you will meet up with a permissive section of the Wayfarers where the path is directed through a tunnel under the A34. At this point you can take either direction on the Wayfarer Walk.



05/03/2012 04:02pm

Laura Lee

Have a thousand Americans asked if one can see Highclere Castle from Beacon Hill? We are driving by and are hoping to see the house, but alas, it's closed on the day we'll be nearby. What do you think? Could we stop by and see it well?  

A Ranger replies

When visiting Beacon Hill parking is in the car park off the A34, from where it is possible to walk up the track to the top of Beacon Hill, the short walk is very steep and can get muddy but on a clear day Beacon Hill has a wonderful 360 degree view of the local countryside, the Iron Aged Hill fort overlooks Highclere Castle to the North-North-West and it is also possible to see the Isle of White in the distance to the South on exceptionally clear days.

The Hill Fort also boasts another link to Highclere Castle, once the property of the Highclere Estate, within the fortifications of Beacon Hill, is the grave of the fifth Earl of Carnarvon who played a prominent part in the expedition to the Nile Valley of the Kings which led to the discovery of Tutankhamen's Tomb in 1922.



02/02/2012 05:01pm

Gerard O'Neill

Do you know if a jubilee beacon is planned for beacon hill in june? If not, we would like to organise one and who should we contact?

A Ranger replies

As managers of the hillfort at Beacon Hill, we have already had two requests for a Jubilee Beacon on 4 June this year. It is anticipated that at least one of these groups will run an event on site. As access to the site and parking is somewhat difficult, we are limited as to how big an event this can be. At this stage we would have to decline your request, but we will keep you in mind should either or both groups pull out.



12/01/2012 09:58am

Mr D Heaslewood

Do you have, or know of any local BBQ areas.

A Ranger replies

We don't provide barbeque facilities at Beacon Hill. The site is protected by Byelaws which prohibit the use of barbeques. The only Hampshire County Council public barbeques are located some distance from the Beacon Hill area, so it might be worth contacting West Berkshire District Council, tel 01635 42400. There is certainly barbeque facilities at Snelsmore Common in Newbury only a few miles away.



05/12/2011 03:54pm

Mrs Linda Butcher

My father died on 1st December 2011, and although he has been in a Nursing Home in Bournemouth for the last 9 years following a major stroke, he worked in Winchester for many years, and has written that he would like his ashes to be scattered in the area of the Weirs, where he walked every day. Whilst we appreciate this cannot be done over the river, because of pollution, we wondered if we could choose one of the many beautiful flowerbeds, along the river bank? Winchester was his second choice, as he suspected that his first choice would not be possible (to be scattered over his war-time airbase in Yorkshire) I do hope you will allow us to fulfil his wishes.

A Ranger replies

Unfortunately, we do not manage this stretch of land, but believe it to be managed by Winchester City Council. If you need further advice or information they can be contacted on 01962 840222."



16/11/2011 02:40pm

Chris s

Are there any rules about the scattering of ashes on beacon hill . My darling husband died in july and we are trying to find an appropriate place to scatter his ashes. He loved beacon hill and visited frequently, even bringing a dear friend of his who was then terminally ill.

Ranger replies

It was very considerate of you to ask, something we very much appreciate.

In answer to your query, there are no set guidelines for the scattering of ashes, but in certain circumstances it can be detrimental to a site. If a large number of people do this, it can actually alter the site's chemistry. By this, we mean the make-up of the soil being changed. In turn, the plants and animals inhabiting the site can be affected and can cause a change in popluations.

On this occasion we will consent to your particular request. If you do choose to scatter your husband's ashes on Beacon Hill, we hope you find comfort in knowing it was somewhere he enjoyed visiting."


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