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10/06/2015 08:58am

Chloe Jarvis

I am a teacher at Cove Infants School and we are doing a project on trees / plants and their inhabitants! Is there a possibility of one or two of your rangers coming to our school in the next few weeks and exploring our tress and wild life with two classes of Year One children please. Thank you

Hi Cloe

This should not be a problem but please contact us via email to arrange educational visits at northern.sites@hants.gov.uk

Many thanks

The Ranger Team



28/05/2015 10:00am

Sam Murphy

Hi there

I am looking to do some pike fishing this weekend, using lures probably as I only have a couple of hours. Do you allow pike fishing at this time of year at Wyndham's? I see that day tickets are available from various places.



Hi Sam

A closed season operates on Wyndhams Pond from the 16 March untill the 16 of June.  This is because the site forms part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest and give the fish time to breed.

However outside of those dates you are welcome to fish there for pike, you can get day tickets or if you are a member of the Hartley Wintney Angling Society you can fish it as a member.


The Ranger Team



01/06/2015 11:29am

Ben lambert

Hi my daughter is doing a school project about Yateley common and really wants to do her project about buttercups as she loves how many there are in the common but does it fit under the brief of a plant native to Yateley common?

Hi Ben

Though buttercups are a species native to the UK they are not a particularly interesting or rare species and are more associated with the enriched soils of the Common rather than being a species typical of heathlands.

Not sure if that has helped you or not, if your daughter is young which I assume she is as you are asking in her stead I am sure that buttercups will be fine for her project.

However if she wanted to look at more typical flowering plants she could do her project on heather itself, there are three types on the Common giving her an interesting basis for her project.


The Ranger Team



12/05/2015 12:18pm

christine isitt

hi, love walking on the common very upset to see a dog running amok in the pond by the A30 today. The owner was still trying to get it under control as we left we were so upset. When we went back a few hours later seems like 1 coot duckling missing and atleast 1 mallard duckling (the mother flew other and cant see that shes returned) is there any way a sign could be put up somewhere, possibly on the notice board there asking dog owners to keep dogs on a lead by the lake? so that we can keep our wildlife safe. many thanks. regards from christine

Hi Christine It is unfortunate when people let their dogs disturb wildlife, and we do encourage people to keep their dogs on leads from 1st March to the 31st July to help protect the birds of the Common. We already have signage around the Common asking for dogs to be kept on leads between these times and also put up posters regarding the effects of such disturbance, but unfortunately people are not always so enthused about the wildlife as yourself. Hopefully the disturbed birds were just being cautious after your return and will have returned to normal behaviour after a period of being shyer.

Many thanks for your concern

The Ranger Team



02/06/2015 11:31am


is a barbeque allowed...

Hello Layla

Hello Sorry for the delay in answering your question, we have had a little trouble with this system. I am afraid to say that we do not have any areas designated for such activities and we therefore cannot allow barbeques, this is due to the fire risk that they pose. Apologies

The Ranger Team



24/04/2015 08:46am

Carol Charlton

Hi. Driving past tonight I noticed a pony grazing on the open land near the junction of Vigo Lane and Cricket Hill almost opposite the scrap works. Would someone be able to check that he has not just been abandoned please? Thank you.


Thanks Carol

We are aware and will be taking appropriate action.

The Ranger Team



20/04/2015 04:03pm

Alison Tizard

Thank you for coming to talk to the residents of Baileys Close about how the plans to fence the whole of Yateley Common will affect us. Please would you explain your plans for the pond at the bottom of Cricket Hill, including the felling of large trees? I can't seem to find anything about it on the internet except that £45,000 has been put aside to turn it into a beauty spot! Was it not beautiful in its natural state including the large trees? Thank you in anticipation of your answer.

The Ranger replies

Thank you for your question Alison, but unfortunately we help you with this one. This area is managed by Hart District Council and as such they are best placed to provide you with a response. You can contact Hart District Council on 01252 622122 or enquiries@hart.gov.uk.



17/04/2015 01:47pm


Hi, just to inform that there has recently appeared on the common, near the top of little vigo lane on the left in the woods, a large bivawac tent complex.

We have not seen anybody but certainly activity going on,.. Maybe kids but it is a very large tent if it is ??.

It is located just off one of the small tracks leading up onto the common from vigo lane.

The Ranger replies

Thank you for the report. This parcel of the Common is not actually owned or managed by Hampshire County Council but by British Car Auctions. Please contact Mick Lambert, Airport Manager, at Blackbushe Airport on 01252 861120. Regards.



02/04/2015 03:43pm


Hi just wondered if dogs can walk freely in country park

Hello Theresa

Yateley Common forms part of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection area, designated as such to specifically protect three rare and threatened ground nesting birds. These are: the nightjar, Dartford warbler and woodlark. These birds are susceptible to disturbance from dogs, being flushed from nests or worried so as to effect their behaviour enough to lessen their chance of successfully breeding. To help protect these and other species we ask that you keep your dog under close control and on the major paths between 1st of March and 31st of July. We would encourage dog walkers to look for more suitable sites for dog walking; many sites are now being designated for such purposes and provide facilities, such as poo bins, which Yateley Common does not. Specific sites for dog walking are called SANGS or Sites of Suitable Accessible Natural Green Space. These sites have the purpose of providing a more suitable recreational facility for dog walkers where there activities are not likely to have an adverse impact upon important wildlife, if you google them you should be able to find details of such a site that hopefully would prove handy for your convenience. However should you wish to walk your dog on Yateley Common you can do so, you just need to ensure that they do not disturb the important and protected wildlife found on the site. We also ask that you bag any dog waste and take it home with you for disposal.

Many thanks for your enquiry


The Ranger Team.



02/04/2015 03:44pm


Hi could you pls help ive booked easter egg hunt for monday the 6 april. I do not know whrtr or how to get to wyndhams pool car park. Thanks

Hi Sandra

Wyndhams Pond CP is located off of Cricket Hill Lane in Yateley.  Traveling South along the Lane the entrance is on your left about 200m after Handford Lane. If you google our web page and then click on the map and directions tab this will provide a google maps link for you.

Hope that helps


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