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07/03/2016 08:14am

Janet Clarke

Please could you let me know when you are going to stop the bonfires as my car is covered in white debris.This is the second time I have paid to have it cleaned and you have a bonfire!

My washing on a good day I like to put outside. It comes in at the moment smelling of bonfire. So have to use the tumble dryer.

The Ranger replies

I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced with the works taking place on the common. All the felling works have now ceased and the clear up is nearly complete. I am not exactly sure where you live, but the clear up at Vigo Lane is all but complete and the clear up at The Flats is due to be completed over the next week. I hope you agree that the work has been worthwhile and contributes to recreating the open landscape of the common helping to protect it's conservation status into the future.



02/03/2016 10:37am


hi there i hope you can help while walking my dogs in hawley park this morning i stepped on a piece of slate on the ground which broke under my weight which revealed to my horror an animal trap! i noted another piece of slate a little bit away and checked that to find another trap!

i have reported this to the police and i did remove the two traps. Can you help with this issue? I am very worried about this as someone is out to cause harm.

The Ranger replies

Thank you for your enquiry. Having spoken to you directly via email I can now confirmthat these traps were not on land known as Yateley Common, but Hawley Green at the crossroads in Hawley. As I understand it, the Police have been informed and the traps have been removed.

Thank you for getting in touch.



02/03/2016 10:35am

Gordon Gecko

Is the Smooth Snake found at Yateley Common a non-native species? If so when was it introduced into the area and has it caused any conservation issues?

Regards, Gordon

The Ranger replies

The smooth snake is a native reptilian species to England and are highly protected. The were recorded on Yateley Common many years ago and last seen about ten years ago. The last sighting was of a shed skin, not and actual snake.

We do carry out reptile surveys during the warmer months, but have not been luck enough to record one in recent years.

Thank you for your enquiry.



07/03/2016 08:14am


Is the Hospital Pond just too the right of the path to Wyndham's Pool from Cricket Hill Road?

Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, the Hospital Pond, as we call it, is exactly where you state, to the south of the track. It is mentioned in Valerie Kerslake's 'little' book "A Walk on Cricket Hill", earlier being known as School Pond or Boseley's Pond. This book is a very interesting read about this historic area.



14/03/2016 03:59pm

Emma Lucas


I'm trying to find out who owns the verge/bank on Stevens Hill, Yateley. My garden backs on to it and I'm concerned about the holly growing on it. I'd like to cut it back but have been advised by the council to find out who owns it first.

Kind regards

The Ranger replies

Thank you for getting in touch. Stevens Hill has an unusual layout and as such, it is difficult to work out exactly where you mean. Perhaps you could get in touch directly and we may be able to assist you further. Please contact us on 01252 870425 or northern.sites@hants.gov.uk .



14/03/2016 03:59pm


Would it be possible to park horse box at wyndem pond car park?

The Ranger replies

Thanks for your enquiry. It is possible, but it would be difficult as the car park is up an incline and round quite a tight bend. It would also be advisable to make sure that you had ample space to turn around at the top before entering. There have been several similar questions on Ask a Ranger about visiting with a horse and horse box. Please refer to these to find any additional information.



14/03/2016 03:59pm

Robin newman

Hi I understand you can't take fallen or cut logs from yateley common. How much does it cost to buy logs and how many do you get?.is the money from the sale logs used to fund up keep of the common.

Thanks r newman

The Ranger replies

Common Rights are historically attached to properties around a common and allow the owner of those rights to carry out certain activities, such as digging for gravel, cutting gorse and taking fallen deadwood. The logs or cordwood we sell today are usually sold as standing timber to a contractor as part of a felling operation undertaken as part of grant funded works to manage the common. As such, we don't specifically sell firewood, but any money made from the sale of timber from felling operations does go back into the future management of the Common.



18/01/2016 01:56pm


The Ranger replies

Two bags building material in outer car park Strouds Pond near metal dragons tooth.

Thanks for the report. We will clear it as soon as possible. If you could report fly tipping to us directly by email that would be great. This generally means that we get the report sooner and get out to collect it quicker. Our contact details are northern.sites@hants.gov.uk . Thanks.



12/01/2016 10:56am


When is the track from Wyndams Pool to Cricket Hill being repaired. Car stuck there last week

The Ranger replies

Repairs to the track to Wyndham's Pool and other car parks are scheduled to take place in early March. Unfortunately, the weather conditions during the winter months do not lend themselves to carrying out maintenance works at this time of year.



05/01/2016 02:20pm

Szwe Mabuza

what animals are found in Yateley common and and blackwater and surrounding areas?

Im doing an assignment for environmental impact assessment at brighton university based on the yateley/blackwater areas in Hampshire.

are there great crested newts and badgers?

please help

The Ranger replies

Thank you for your request for information about Yateley Common. We do have a wide range of species inhabiting the site, far too many to mention here! We do have badgers and great crested newts. If you would like to email the rangers at northern.sites@hants.gov.uk with a more specific request, we may be able to assist you further. Alternatively, please contact the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre (HBIC) and they may be able to provide you with more detailed information on species living in the Yateley/Blackwater area. Many thanks for your interest.


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