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09/10/2013 11:35am

Natalie Simpson-Ball

I was wondering if we would need a permit to horse ride and also if there is any designated parking areas? if not, could you advise of where to park. Kind regards, Natalie

ps, If you know the answers to Minely as well, that would be great!

A Ranger replies

No permit is required for horse riding on Yateley Common Country Park, that part of the common north of the A30 between Blackbushe airfield and the Hawley roundabout. We do have several small car parks, but two have height barriers and the other is up a narrow, winding track off Cricket Hill Lane. There is another small car park at Heathlands Cemetery, but again the road is fairly narrow and the turning circle at the top is quite small. Roadside parking is available at Blackbushe Business Park at Tuscany Way, but a road crossing would be necessary to access the Common. This is also the case on the A30, where there is a large layby, but it is adjacent to the main road. Most equestrian users of the common hack out from the local liveries.

The County Council does not manage Minley – not exactly sure if you mean Yateley Common south of the A30, Hawley Common further south or Minley Woods to the west of Minley Road. These areas are managed by the Ministry of Defence and Forestry Commission, so it would be best to contact them direct; MoD Training Area Officer on 01483 798357 or Forestry Commission via TROT office on 01622 735599.



17/10/2013 08:14am

Ms Susan Johnson

My grandson has been growing two hazelnut trees for the last 5 years,I would like to know if they could be planted somewhere on Yateley common.I believe they are Native trees.Please let me know if this is possible.

A Ranger replies

Yateley Common is for the most part, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. This means that many activities are prohibited, planting plants is one of these. However we could plant these trees at Zebon Copse Nature Reserve in Fleet. This is a hazel copse and would be ideal for such trees.

Please contact us again on 01252 870425 should you wish to do this. I am sure we could accommodate your grandsonson being involved in their planting.



09/10/2013 11:01am

Vicki C

I was wondering what you do with felled trees? some other parks chip the wood and leave a pile for local residents to collect to use for paths etc at home

A Ranger replies

When we fell trees, the timber is sold as cordwood (long lengths) to a timber merchant or processed by ourselves for log sales. The funds raised from these operations go directly back into funding other management works on the Common. We chip very little because as the site is predominantly heath, we are obliged to remove all arisings from the site, as leaving them would add nutrients back to the soil. This in turn would change the geology of the soil and the heathers would not grow. We are looking at other ways of managing felled areas, which may result is some ‘compost’ being available for local residents, but this would not be suitable for use on paths, more as a mulch for gardens.



02/09/2013 09:05am

William Pyman

I am a student at Sparsholt college, studying wildlife and countryside management, and have to do some work experience from the 17th march - 4th April 2014, I would be really interested in coming to Yateley country park. to learn more about the diverse wildlife.  

A ranger replies

Although we do accept work experience students, we will need a bit more information from you. If you wish to volunteer with us, please email us directly at northern.sites@hants.gov.uk.



13/08/2013 03:46pm

Maxine Price

Are there any blue green alge blooms in any of the ponds on the common? What is the process for warning if there is? I have 2 large dogs which love to swim and I am conscious that Sandhurst currently has a Bloom and several dogs have unfortunately died as a result of swimming in the affected pond.

A ranger replies

Many thanks for your enquiry. When we notice an algal bloom we tend to put up warning signs. However we are not always alerted to the algae’s presence and I would recommend you always look at any pond before letting your dog swim in it. As you are obviously aware these algae can be lethal to mammals. However whether there is algae on the pond or not we prefer dog owners not to allow their dogs to swim in the water due to it being part of the Site of Special Scientific Interest. Although one dog may not have a significant effect, the wading into a pond by a dog disturbs silt and this can be detrimental to plant life as silt is disturbed raising the turbidity of the water which in turn lowers the light levels in the water column. With a busy site like Yateley Common a number of dogs through the day can have a significant impact.

Also it is unfortunate but not uncommon that people throw rubbish into ponds, this can include fishing line, fishing hooks, glass or other sharp objects which can injure your pet. There is also the danger that should your dog get into trouble, you will try to rescue the animal and also get into trouble. Another detrimental affect is that dogs can transfer non native species between ponds. We have a couple of non native plant species that have somehow got into ponds on Yateley Common and these are troublesome and expensive to control. These plants can smother ponds, they are prolific at spreading and the smallest part of the plant can regenerate. If a dog enters one pond and carries them to another this could transfer these invasive plants around, compounding the problem.

I know that this probably isn’t the answer you are looking for but my advise would be only to let your dog enter waters that you know are safe, and from a managers point of view I would ask that you do not let your dog enter ponds on the Common for the ecological reasons stated above.



03/07/2013 01:42pm

Rozena Hancock

Hi, will you be holding any events in the school holiday for the children? Many thanks

A Ranger replies

We will be holding four Summer Holiday Family Events on Yateley Common this year. The events will run from 2pm - 4pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, 12 - 21 August. Events may include activities such as pond dipping, nature detectives, mini-beast hunting, orienteering/treasure trail and various other nature games. More details will be on the website shortly, on posters around the site and emails will be sent to our events mailing list. Please email northern.sites@hants.gov.uk if you would like your email to be added to this list, so that you can receive up-to-date information about all of our countryside events.



12/06/2013 08:46am

P shearlock

Are there any loos at the common?

A Ranger replies

Yateley Common is not a typical Country Park and does not have the facilities generally associated with Country Parks such as toilets or a visitors centre.



11/06/2013 09:08am

Billy Pips

Are there owls on Yateley Common? If so, what type of owls? Have any been spotted? I love owls!

A Ranger replies

Thank you for your enquiry. There are good numbers of owls on Yateley Common, mostly the tawny owl. They generally hunt and feed at night and can usually be heard after dusk, but they are rarely seen. They are very common and widespread across Britain and roost in trees. You may see one only if you inadvertently disturb it from its roosting site up against a tree trunk. It is often best to look for pellets (poo) below potential roosting sites to see if tawny owls are present. These pellets will often contain inedible remains, such as small bones from voles or mice they may have caught and eaten. They can also be located following their characteristic sound "twit-twoo", which is actually a duet between the male and female owl. It is likely that little owls inhabit the Common, but the habitat is not suitable for most of the other owls you may find across other parts of the UK.



08/05/2013 05:03pm

Beth Eccles

Would like to comment on the road up to Heathland Cemetry. In the past two years youngsters have been building a mountain bike play area. I have never minded this as I would probably have enjoyed the same years ago. On several occasions I have asked the boys, in a nice way, if the could take their litter home and sometimes they do. However, this morning the area is a disgrace with an old fridge to sit on, plus other rubbish. The area itself is an accident waiting to happen, with all the digging out etc. If this should occur the council could be held liable for allowing the biking to take place. I'm not a killjoy, but I think the time has come for the area to be cordoned off and no more biking to be allowed.

A Ranger replies

Thanks for your comments. The attitude we take is similar to yours, in that if they keep the area clean and do not go crazy we tolerate it. As you have pointed out it has become a real mess. We have moved the fridge and other larger items and will be litter picking the area soon and will be destroying the jumps.



22/04/2013 09:02am

Charlotte Sheringham

Having moved stables, I am unfamiliar with Hawley Common. Please could you advise me of the bridle paths available for me to ride, if I access via Woodlands Walk?

A ranger replies

Although we are sites based, we do not manage this area of land. It is managed by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. The Rights of Way are serviced by Hampshire County Council, but in this location by another team. In the first instance, I would suggest you use the interactive mapping tool "'Mapping Hampshire's countryside'. This will allow you to search using your postcode and the available Rights of Way will be shown. Bridleways are shown in green. Alternatively you could telephone 0845 603 5636 and someone from the Rights of Way team should be able to assist you


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