Basingstoke Canal

School visits to Basingstoke Canal

We are reviewing our educational activities and currently only able to offer self led activities and the slideshow about the canal, depending on staff and room availability at the Centre in Mytchett.


  • Pond Dipping - self led
    An opportunity to have an in-depth look at the variety of creatures that live in a pond. Instructions on pond dipping and help with identifying the different creatures found and the adaptations that they have for life in the water.
    Time: 1 hour

  • Mini Beast Hunt – self led
    This session involves catching and identifying the different types of mini beasts. The hunt focuses on three different areas, then there is the chance to compare the mini beasts that live in each area.
    Time: 45 minutes

  • Sketching - self led
    This activity gives the opportunity to sketch the canal, wildlife and the boats around the canal centre.
    Time: 45 minutes

  • Nature Walk – self led
    Take a stroll along the towpath looking and identifying the different animals, insects and plants.
    Time: 45mins

  • Slideshow – dependent on staff and function room availability
    The slideshow focuses on the history, wildlife and the maintenance of the Canal.
    Time: 45mins

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  • Hire of the function room and equipment for self led activities £50
  • Hire of equipment only £25 for self led activities


Contact the Visitor Centre

tel 01252 370073 to arrange a pre visit and to make the booking.