Landscape Planning and Heritage

Quality of life

Conserving biodiversity is fundamental to achieving a sustainable future. The health of the environment is pivotal to quality of life and is the foundation of our economy. Biodiversity is essential for:

Health and Wellbeing

Maintaining the Environment

  • Attractive landscapes and urban areas

  • Cultural inspiration

  • Relaxation, recreation, exercise and enjoyment

  • Community skills and opportunities

  • Climate regulation and global ecosystems

  • Pollution control

  • Flood and drainage control

  • Water quality and quantity

  • Soil provision and prevention of erosion

A Vibrant Economy

Building Knowledge

  • Products such as food, medicines and clothing

  • Raw materials for industry

  • Tourism

  • Inward investment due to attractive surroundings

  • High quality urban planning and design

  • Environmental education and life-long learning

  • Monitoring the state of the environment

  • Source for scientific discovery of medicines, essential goods and biotechnology.

  • Historical analysis