Landscape Planning and Heritage

Hampshire County Council Estate

Local Authorities have a vital role to play in the conservation of biodiversity.  The Ecology group is leading a project to ensure effective management of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) under Hampshire County Council ownership.  This is co-ordinated by the land management advisor.

The non statutory SINC designation is designed to protect locally valued and important sites that are not covered by any national or European conservation designation.  They provide wildlife refuges for most of the UK's flora and fauna and complement other site networks with their connecting and buffering qualities.  The SINC system is an essential tool for preventing habitat fragmentation, safeguarding wildlife populations and for realising conservation targets on a landscape scale.

Hampshire County Council is a local authority with a national reputation for excellence in protecting the natural environment.  A key element of the role local authorities play in conserving biodiversity is demonstrating effective and competent management of protected SINCs on their own estates.

The Land Management Advisor is based in the Ecology group, for more information please contact

Photo of ancient woodland and bluebells   Photo of Bell Heather and Common Heather   Photo of chalk downland