Landscape Planning and Heritage

About the project

Hampshire County Council own and manage 230 SINCs covering over 1000 Ha of almost every habitat type in Hampshire. These include key habitats listed in the National and Hampshire Biodiversity Action Plan such as Ancient Semi Natural Woodland, Chalk Grassland and Heathland.  As a public organisation we have the opportunity to lead by example following best practice with the management of these sites.  Well managed sites can demonstrate the positive gains of conserving biodiversity, from species and habitat restoration through to sustainable communities and an improved local quality of life.

Aims of the project

  • Photo of Hilliers visitor centre

     1. To complete a review of the condition and management of SINCs owned by Hampshire County Council.

     2. To facilitate improved management of SINCs within the Hampshire County Council Estate.


Departments Involved

There are a range of departments and groups in the County Council that are responsible for the management of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation. These include the Countryside Service, County Farms, Estates Practice, Highways and Children’s Services. The project officer is working with these other departments to identify key issues and constraints and to help them develop effective and constructive strategies for local wildlife sites management in the future.

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