Landscape Planning and Heritage


Mature woodland in the New Forest

Around 20% of Hampshire’s land area is covered by woodland, making it one of the most wooded counties in England.

Woodlands provide places for recreation and contemplation, play a major role in the make up of our landscape, and can provide us with a sustainable resource of timber and other wood products.

Many of our woods are ancient in origin, with some retaining links to the ‘wildwood’ that covered much of the UK after the last Ice Age. These woods are irreplaceable and important habitats, home to a host of plants and animals many of which are now rare or declining. They also harbour a range of cultural and historical links with past land use as well as being rich in archaeological remains.

In partnership with the Forestry Commission, Hampshire County Council provides advice and support for the sustainable management of Hampshire's woodland through its Woodland Project, which is part of the Ecology Group.

For further information please contact the Woodland Offcer:

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